Mike Pence, Noahide, Good for Sanhedrin jews

Folks, make no mistake about who this Noahide, Mike Pence will serve. He is a hardcore evangelical proselyte of Mystery Babylon and the Babylonian Talmud who will seek to attack Iran as according to the fables of the jews for their coming war to Reveal their False Christ, Moshiach, That Son of Perdition to be revealed. 



During Visit to Israel, Indiana Governor Refuses Abbas Dinner Invitation

DECEMBER 29, 2014 8:30 AM 11 COMMENTS

Republican Indiana Governor Mike Pence spent Christmas with his family in Israel, part of a nine-day trip that includes a three-day jobs mission to meet with government and business leaders to discuss expanding economic ties between Indiana and the Jewish State.

According to a Facebook post by Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor of The Jerusalem Post:

As a visiting dignitary, Pence and his family were invited to PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s annual Christmas dinner, where he was notified that a car would be sent to fetch him to Abbas’s office for an unscheduled and unsolicited meeting at 10:45pm.

Governor Pence in his inimitable wisdom, politely and firmly declined the summons.

Pence’s support for Israel is not new.

During his tenure as congressman, representing Indiana’s 2nd and 6th Districts, Pence was regarded as one of Israel’s staunchest supporters.

“His support for Israel and the safety and security of her people is genuine, not politically motivated in the least,” said Protect Our Heritage PAC Co-Chair, Peggy Shapiro. “I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the region and the threats against Israel’s existence. He is a truly genuine friend of the Jewish people.”

In 2010, then-Congressman Pence revealed his disgust with the way the Obama administration was treating the Jewish State. As reported in The Hill, he told the Christian Broadcasting Network:

I believe the Obama administration is the most anti-Israel administration in the modern history of the state of Israel and our relationship with her. Israel is our most cherished ally. The American people support Israel’s right to self-defense. The American people support the Jewish state of Israel, and the American people expect the American president to unambiguously do the same.

He added, “I’ll be honest with you: I never thought I’d live to see the day that an American administration would denounce the Jewish state of Israel for rebuilding Jerusalem.”

According to the official Indiana government website, Mr. Pence is being accompanied by his wife and three children, along with three members of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and two members of the governor’s security detail. Private donations and personal funds are covering the cost of the trip, with the exception of the security detail paid for by Indiana taxpayers.

A call and email to the governor’s press secretary went unanswered.

A request for comment via phone and email to the Palestinian ambassador in Washington was also unanswered.

This article was originally published by Breitbart.

None of these Vipers serve the American People, it is ALL ABOUT The anti-Christ jews……also see.




“George W. Bush will headline Republican Jewish Coalition meeting” by Rebecca Berg:“Former President George W. Bush will be among the keynote speakers at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring meeting, the group announced in an email to supporters Thursday. The announcement could suggest that Bush, who has been largely absent from the political arena since the end of his presidency, is heading back onto the campaign trail to help his brother Jeb Bush, who will likely run for president… In addition to George W. Bush, House Speaker John Boehner and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who is thought to be mulling a presidential bid in 2016, are also slated to speak at the RJC meeting. The meeting will be held April 24-26 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel, which is owned by political mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.” [WashExam]







7 thoughts on “Mike Pence, Noahide, Good for Sanhedrin jews

  1. So he chooses those which deny Jesus Christ has come in the flesh 1Jn 4:3 over the christians in palestine , many of whom are of the “baptist” persuasion ?

    They the scofieldites say there is some mystical “3rd in gathering” of the judahites . , when the bible says
    ALL ARE ONE , in ONE FOLD in Jesus Christ .

    Moslems show their hand , that they are walking hand in hand with those that call themselves jews by this .

    For if the arabs wanted swift judgement on that which calls itself israel would they not bless the christians in palestine ? Instead the stupid arabs and persians choose to PERSECUTE Jesus Christ as do those that call themselves jews

    Nope they would rather persecute Jesus Christ as saul of tarsus did .

    For what applied to one saul of tarsus does it not apply to almost all the world ?
    Persecuting Jesus Christ for some 2000 years and even before that .

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  2. My hope and prayer is this , that when arabs come to this site which many will . They will learn how they have been the toddies for their masters those that call themselves jews and be converted as peter was from a denying state to a believing state .


  3. I worked with these in UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Nigeria…These are Mankind, and are of no races…Man wants home, car, education and health for his family, who are his loved ones…mankind……these have been led astray as to their laws rejecting Christ Jesus, but by love can be shown the Truth. Good people like all people just mislead to destruction by the jews.


  4. the self-chosenites hated/hate Paul as much as they do “aka, that man” Christ Jesus. but still the narrow gate is still open unto ALL who’ll walk in, but then we know that almost all would rather not.

    thanks Robert for this info on Pence, i knew that there was something wrong about him. but then something is wrong with 99.99% of politicians., if not 100%…?

    Come quickly Lord JESUS.


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