Restore the Common Law of Man Part 8

LaVoy Finicum

What I would like to focus upon is DUE Process. Did they have a Warrant directly for LaVoy? When they pulled him over it was automatic Arrest. Did LaVoy fear for his life when no warrant with Affadivit was clearly provided as per Law? These things should be the focus. LaVoy is dead. Now comes guts.

Who had a lawful warrant? Was the warrant wet ink signed by a Judge backed by a sworn affidavit for cause? Was the warrant lawfully served or was there even an attempt to serve? Or did the Highwaymen simply disregard due process? Did the highwaymen accost and attempt to subdue a man in his right to go from point A to point B without due process of any established law?
These are the questions which need to be resolved immediately.

The situation could have been resolved by simply surrendering and resolving in a constitutional court with proper support. Sundance kid resort does not qualify to remedy. See Bonny and Clyde. It is all of us who allowed LaVOY to Perish, for we sit smug in our armchair jury rooms of apathetic complacecny and allow it to happen. Some old women and men who see injustice, but have never faced might is right warfare, may make all sorts of justifications in their ill conceived sense of right -V-Wrongs, but are very reluctant to toe the line. If it hurts get a band aid, and quit your dual parties of Publicans and demoncrats, and get aboard real warfare by US corrupt courts, join NLA, contribute to NLA, back NLA,

and refrain from yap yapping as dogs to and elephant in your living room…No persoanal attack meant to anyone…just reflect as to your freedom and the fight needed to insure your freedom.

the argument must be then there was a conspiracy to simply single out Finicum…the man with guns….right? who else was killed Boudreau? Very bad investigation in my opinion…..all was free but this Finicum fellow, who may or may not have pulled a weapon…your arguments are baseless…..go back to RULE OF LAW and CONSTITUTIONAL CHECK. WAS their a RIGHT for him to Disregard a non Constitutional arrest at CHECKPOINT? IT is all NULL and VOID otherwise.

The point is, Finicum is DEAD. Focus on what led up to his death. I would that anyone would at this point stop speculation and concentrate on Due Process and Law as per Constitution of Man, isnt this what NLA is about? If you are so inclined to join a radical militia.. then there have you…grab a 9mm and get after it…..kill em all……or FOCUS……ON the PROBLEM and how to CORRECT it. IF you people want war, then it is up to you, though you will never ever get off of your couches to advance. Old women and disfunctile old men you are….but the way to defeat them is by your supporting NLA in COURT. After all it is your grandchildren, great grandchildren (If there are any) WHO WILL PAY the price for apathetic complacency

There simply was no Warrant for the arrest of Mr. Finicum. There was no Due Process. The unconstitutional Road block had NO WARRANT. Illegal and UNLAWFUL. This the avenue to take. Forget all eyewitnesses to their Unlawfulness. IT was a WARRANTLESS and UNLAWFULL STOPPAGE of HIS right TO TRAVEL.

Here is the page complaint against the Bundy’s

Title 18: 372 If two or more persons in any State, Territory, Possession, or District conspire to prevent, by force, intimidation, or threat, any person from accepting or holding any office, trust, or place of confidence under the United States, or from discharging any duties thereof, or to induce by like means any officer of the United States to leave the place, where his duties as an officer are required to be performed, or to injure him in his person or property on account of his lawful discharge of the duties of his office, or while engaged in the lawful discharge thereof, or to injure his property so as to molest, interrupt, hinder, or impede him in the discharge of his official duties, each of such persons shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 701; Pub. L. 107–273, div. B, title IV, § 4002(d)(1)(D), Nov. 2, 2002, 116 Stat. 1809.)

Note: the complaint was filed on Jan. 27th one (1) day after LaVoy Finicum was Killed. This tells me that they were not properly served. At any time the FBI could have peacefully served signed warrants along with Affidavits, then had every right to put an end to the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife buildings, but have not or did not follow due process.

According to FBI Agent Armstrong’s affidavit, the Warrants were prepared and signed, though I did not see anyone step up and offer a warrant to LaVoy Finicum or the others in that vehicle. Because Ammon and Ryan Bundy are being held without bail until brought to court by the Feds, for the feds and Federal Judges, etc. It is impossible for them to have any kind of a fair trial. Now is the time to file Writ of Habeas Corpus and make their counter claim to bring this into a Court of Record, and bring any man or woman forth who are not under color of the law, who can testify under oath that the Bundy’s and the others caused Harm, Injury or Loss.


Affidavit Conclusion
57. lbis affidavit and the requested arrest warrants were all reviewed by two
Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) prior to being submitted to the Court. The AUSAs
infonned me that in their opinion, the affidavit is legally and factually sufficient to establish
probable cause to support the issuance of the requested warrants. I respectfully request the Court
to authorize the proposed arrest warrants based on this complaint.
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th, day of January 2016.

That was copied from PDF File. Now If the Affidavit was signed and arrest warrants were not yet submitted on the 26th on the day of the arrest and shooting, then I do not believe the highway men had warrants with them. The paperwork shows to be filed on the 27th.

There is no doubt that LaVoy Finicum was singled out. However when he fled and then almost struck the three vehicles at the road block, he himself put himself in peril. Does this justify his death?

I can only say, I was not there, the video is not very revealing.

But I can say…..DUE Process.

Earlier this month, the father of 11 told CNN he doesn’t want to die — but would never go behind bars.

“I’m just not going to prison,” Finicum said. “Look at the stars. There’s no way I’m going to sit in a concrete cell where I can’t see the stars and roll out my bedroll on the ground. That’s just not going to happen. I want to be able to get up in the morning and throw my saddle on my horse and go check on my cows. It’s OK. I’ve lived a good life. God’s been gracious to me.

The entire point being, the reason the authorities gave was a “Traffic Stop”, which they think will bamboozle the American people for justification, and I believe they in fact did not have warrants. Neither did they have probable cause. It was definitely a set up. And needs to be pursued as violation of due process immediately. There must be a claim made along with Writ of Habeas Corpus in a Common Law Court of Record. LaVoy Finicums Wife needs to make suit immediately and demand restitution. I know this sounds cold, but only this way can the Federal Government’s conspiracy be revealed.

After three days of Video Analysis, I may need to concede. All the above seems to be the case. Finicum fled approached the road block, which very well have been an ambush. The reason I will say this now, is note the Law Enforcement officer come around the truck as Finicum plowed into the snow bank. The officer ran to cover the front of the vehicle in direct line of fire to the driver.

Play the 12 second mark over and over. The same guy who ran in front of Finicum’s truck as he plowed into the snow bank is the very one who you are saying shot LaVOY and then scurried away.

The windshield is full of bulletholes from that guys shots to the front of the truck.

However there must be due process in a Constitutional Court.

Restore the Common Law of Man Part 9




America, the Slaves of Babylon, Restore the Common Law of Man Part 7


OBVIOUSLY, God saw that I was missing a vital link in the Noahide Codes of the Talmudic Hasidic jews and their global scheme in their “New World Odour”, specifically HJR 104, PL 102-14.


A friend, John Mackenzie, introduced me to Common Law Courts of Record. Common Law is the highest Law of the Land, made by the people and for the people, the Constitution for the United States of America. Common law trumps, codes, regulations and statutes. Codes and Statutes are derived from Roman Civil Law, and prior to Babylon.

Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. For I was my father’s son, tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother. He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live. Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Prov 4:1-7

A Must Read………………..

Click to access 2_mandamus_to_sheriff.pdf

America, you are not heading into fascism, Fascism has controlled you for over 100 years. Every town, city, municipality, county, state and federal government is an Incorporation under Babylonian and Roman Civil law. By Babylonian Codes and Statutes imposed by the jewish fables, you have always been chattel of Babylon. Since you gave up “Virtue” and accepted all the vices of immorality, you are become a slave unto Lucifer. The Only way that it is possible to restore the Binding Constitutional Law upon the servants is by and through the Creator, Christ Jesus. There is no other way possible.

Modern “Commercial Law”
is based on Ancient Babylonian Codes

A Historical Research Article Linking the “Slave-Trading Codes” of Ancient Babylon
to the Modern Laws of “Commerce”, “Equity”, and Civil/Municipal Jurisdictions.

by Charles Bruce, Stewart

Meyer Amschel Rothschild said: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws . . . enforced unemployment and hunger, imposed on the masses because of the power we have to create shortages of food, will create the RIGHT of Capital to rule more surely than it was given to the real aristocracy”.

A new union between Babylonian religions, Babylonian banking and Babylonian law is returning the world to serfdom [-Ed].

When the Romans Conquered the Nation of Israel, shortly before the time of Jesus Christ Messiah; they set-up a “Puppet Regime” in Israel, so-as-to more effectively Mask the harsh reality that the Israelites were a Conquered People. And because “Law” was frequently administered by a “Priesthood” in these ancient cultures, a group of priests known as “Pharisees” thereunder Combined with the Romans to Deceive, Confuse, Plunder, and En-Slave the common Israelite People. And because Christ/Messiah Jesus was a Threat to that Oppressive/Despotic system; both factions of these over-lapping “special-interest-groups” Conspired to have Jesus Nailed to the Cross/Stake. The Pharisees were Direct Participants in this Lawless Conspiracy to Murder this Innocent Man; even tho is seems that it was Roman Soldiers who actually completed the execution.

These same Pharisees base their entire Religious Belief-System upon a body of Laws which is Not from the Ancient Hebrew Israelite Laws, which reach back to the teachings of Moses. Rather these Pharisees look to a body of so-called “Laws” which derive from “Slave-Trading Codes” in Ancient Babylon; and quite probably reaching back to Nimrod himself.

The fact that the religion of the Pharisees has never been recorded as having become extinct, indicates that they and their Slave-Trading practices continue on to exist to this very day. In their own literature, the modern practitioners of “Rabbinical Judaism” Admit (quietly) that they are decedents from those ancient Pharisees. In their own book entitled “The Jewish Encyclopedia”, and “prepared by more than Four Hundred Scholars and Specialists”, and published by the “Funk and Wagnalls Company”, in 1905, Page 665; the following text is presented:

“With the destruction of the Temple, the Sadducees disappeared all together, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees.

Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the teachings of the Pharisees, the whole history of Judaism was re-constructed from the Pharisaic point of view, and a new aspect was given to the Sanhedrin of the past. A new chain of tradition supplanted the older, priestly tradition (Abot i. 1).

(Sanhedrin Revived at Tiberias Israel October 13, 2004….RP)

Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future.”

Here is shown clearly that the ancient Pharisees are still alive and well writing textbooks for Funk and Wagnals in 1905, and disseminating such beliefs among their followers.

The ancient counterparts of these modern Pharisees had schools in Babylon from a very early pre-Christian date. We may read concerning these matters from a scholarly work entitled “The Babylonian Talmud”, by Sedner Nezikin, London; The Soncino Press, 1935. In the Foreword to this book is an introductory few pages by (The Very Rev. The Chief Rabbi) J.H. Hertz. Herein he speaks on pages 13, 14, 15 to say:

“The beginnings of Talmudic literature date back to the time of the Babylonian Exile in the sixth pre-Christian century . . . When a thousand years later, the Babylonian Talmud assumed final codified form in the year 500 of the Christian era, the Western Roman Empire had ceased to be. . .

When we come to the Babylonian Gemarah (Oral Traditions)  we are dealing with what most people understand when they speak or write of the Talmud. It’s birthplace, Babylonia, was a autonomous Jewish center for a longer period than any other land, namely, soon after 586 before the Christian era to the year 1040 after the Christian era – 1,626 years . . . ”

For a long time it was held that the language in which the Babylonian Talmud was written defied grammatical formulation. This is now seen to be nothing but prejudice. . .

“The style of the Babylonian Talmud is one of most pregnant brevity and succinctness. It is at no time “easy reading”. Elliptical expression is a constantly reoccurring feature, and whole sentences are often indicated by as single word. In discussions, question and answer are closely interwoven, and there is an entire absence of demarcation between them. Hard thinking and closest attention are required under the personal guidance of an experienced scholar, or of an elaborate written exposition of the argument, for the discussion to be followed or to be understood. And that understanding cannot be gained by the aid of Grammar or Lexicon alone. Even a student who has fair knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic, but who has not been initiated into the Talmud by Traditional Jewish guides, will find it impossible to decipher a page!”

(This is the Legalese used by the Bar Mitzvah (Bar of law Association, Lawyers and scribes) who have taken over all Constitutional Courts throughout all of the United States and most of the world)….RP)

Here we have plain admissions from this J.H. Hertz (Chief Rabbi) wherein he reveals that the source of the material which is Codified within their “Talmud” is from “Babylon”. Other sources affirm this also. This “Babylonian Talmud” is that root-source-repository of so-called “Law” from which the modern Talmud draws its historical roots. J.H. Hertz (Chief Rabbi) and others of the same belief are all quite comfortable referring to it amongst themselves as the “Babylonian Talmud”.

But as the ancient city of Babylon is clearly related to terms such as “Babble” aka: “Confusion”, and as ancient Biblical texts indicate plainly that this is the source for all of the language confusion and much other problems which has spread throughout the entire world, it is understandable that these ones do seek to downplay the fact that “Babylon” is the spiritual source/center for Their body of “Spiritual-Law Codifications”. We here-in merely seek clear labels of what is going on with regard to this body of codifications which seemingly so significantly affect our modern sociological structures. We have a Right to ask these questions. Everyone is affected by these concerns. And it seems clear that many who modernly claim to be “Jews” are following this set of Spiritual Codifications which have originated in ancient Babylon, and which thereunder are properly known and referable to as the “Babylonian Talmud”.

We find similarly enlightening source material in a profoundly insightful work from a gentleman named Guy Carlton, Lee; of Johns Hopkins University in his work: “Historical Jurisprudence”, 1922; Pages 12, 17, 18, 38-40, 188-189:

The law of Babylonia has had an immense effect upon that of nearly all the countries of Europe . . . The literature of Babylon has perished; but the element of culture which has endured was greater than the literature. That element is law, an organized intelligible system of rights and duties enforced by the State. . . The great work of the nation was the production of a system of law, necessary to the extended commercial activity of the city . . . The complex Babylonian civilization, which produced a commercial law in advance of any other ancient system . . . was . . . the product of . . . its relations to the other countries of the world.

The exercise of judicial functions, at least in matters of commercial law, seems to have been in the hands of the hierarchy. The reasons for this may have been in part those which, in the medieval period of European history, threw the control of legal procedure largely into the hand of the ecclesiastics. In Babylon, the custom of documentary evidence in almost all transactions . . . and the wide extent to which written contracts were employed, made the notarial and judicial functions of the priests very extensive. But the part taken in business transactions by the priesthood was appropriate for another reason, which perhaps had more influence in the time of the early law, before the purely commercial side had been developed. This was the part which was connected with contractual oaths, which at first were numerous. The contracting parties were obliged in their contracts to swear by the principal god of the country, and by the reigning prince, that they would abide by the conditions of the contract . . .”

The Babylonian Law developed to the fullest extent the idea of a Contract. Almost any possible business transaction was reduced to the form of a contract and was executed with the same formalities – i.e., with witnesses, notary, and signature. Thus the points as to deeds, sales, mortgages, loans, and banking are in no respect different in form from the matter of hiring, rent and leases, partnership, testaments, and domestic relations, including adoption. Transactions so very different could be reduced to the same principle, or brought under the one head, only by a highly abstract conception of contract itself. From forms of contract . . . we pass to the relations of master and servant, leases, and future delivery of goods.

Sub-section A. Master and Servant. . . a man might well make a contract with another whom he hired for a year, or whom he contracted to serve for a year. . . example . . . In connection with this contract, it should be noted that Ubarru was regarded as a free agent, hiring himself out. But since he enters into a relation to his master in which he is temporarily in the condition of a slave, he has a representative, or guardian . . .

. . . In the case of a slave the name of the slave’s father is never given. The slave is not regarded or spoken of as a man, but as a thing, and is reckoned in the same way as cattle. The actual point of this contract is the transfer of the right to a man’s services. Such a transaction is but a part of the whole Babylonian system, whereby every credit or right was passed from one to another by means of contracts. . .

(Thus man is enslaved by coerced one-sided License contracts under Roman Civil statutes and codes …………RP)

The law was very strict as to the beginning and termination of these contracts. . . If the servant did not appear, he could be arrested and brought to his master, as he was his master’s man. …

This species of . . . slavery was of great importance and very customary in Old Babylon.

Babylon(‘s) . . . commercial customs . . . became . . . the commercial law of the whole known world. Of . . . these Rome was . . . possessed from the earliest period . . . ”

Here-under, we see a number of significant items for our study. But at this point it seems best to re-visit Chapters 17 and 18 of the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Here in is Revealed that a particular Body of People are recognizable as a “Great Prostitute” who “Rules over the Kings of the Earth” through the use of “Deception”, “Magic”, and “Merchants”. This “Great Prostitute” who uses Deceptive Magic is clearly labeled therein as “BABYLON”.

(Spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified…..RP)

The above work from Johns Hopkins University by Mr Lee clearly recognizes that Babylon’s Religious Priesthood is commonly recognizable as the source of all of the modern so called “Laws of Commerce”. These “Laws of Commerce” are shown to be a specific body of Codes which authorize the Administration of the Compelling Force of the State in the En-Force-ment of Contracts, mostly for Payments of Debts. The ancient Babylonian Priests were involved because Contracts were deemed to be a form of “Oath” entered into by the contracting parties; and the approval of their Gods were invoked so as to more effectively legitimize/bamboozle the entire process in the minds and the consciences of the contracting parties and all public witnesses.

These Babylonian Religious Codes recognized the ability to buy and sell contracts between merchants in “Commerce”. They sold and “bought . . . slaves and the souls of men” in the time of Christ, and before and after, just precisely as is recognized in Revelation 18: 11-13. Under this system of Babylonian Codes, contracted-debtor-people were Forcibly Compelled to perform the contract regardless of Conscionability, or who was the original contract-creditor. This Babylonian Religious Commercial-Code depended in large part on a deeper set of Slave-Trading Codes. And these all are still recognizable and very frequently enforced under what modern legal text-books refer to as: “Master-Servant Relationships”.

Under the ancient Babylonian Religious Codes, “Slavery” is clearly facilitated. People were not recognized as People there-under, but were items in Commerce. The Slave could be arrested and assaulted by government officers for not showing up for work on time. The text-book says that “The slave is not regarded or spoken of as a man, but as a thing, and is reckoned in the same way as cattle”. Not too long ago, in our American History, “Slavery” was a very Common Practice, both against the Black Race, and also against all other races, including Orientals and the economically disenfranchised Caucasian/White Race. The Problem of “Oppression” is Not a Race Problem, it is a Economic-Class and Religious Problem.

( “Person” :Latin persona “human being, person, personage; a part in a drama, assumed character,” originally “mask, false face,” such as those of wood or clay worn by the actors in later Roman theater……RP)

In the above quoted text, and with reference to these ancient Babylonian-based “Slave-Trading” Codes; Mr Lee goes on to make it clear they were passed down to the Roman Slave-Traders in his statement “Of . . . these Rome was . . . possessed from the earliest period . . . “.

History seems to tell that many Israelites had been Captured into Slavery in Babylon. Yet by the time of Jesus, many had returned. During that Captivity; many of the Babylonian Commercial/Slave-Trader/Merchant Codes seemed to have Infected Israelite-Society. It does not take a lot of intelligence to suppose that this worked to Under-Mine the Godly Principles of the more ancient Israelite Torah-Laws.

(Law of the Coming Christ Jesus, Fulfilled….RP)

Yet the “Pharisees” Openly Embraced this Babylonian System of Slave-Trading Codes. Christ/Messiah Jesus and his followers were Crucified for speaking-out boldly against these Evils of the Romans and their False-Israelite Pharisee Puppet-drones. As revealed above, the Romans were already followers of those same Babylonian Slave-Trading Codes. This indicates that the Connection between the Roman Slave-Traders and the Pharisees was more than a mere coincidence. This indicates that at some point in the even more ancient history; the Roman Slave-Traders and the Pharisee of Israel; were of Common Cultural Ancestry.

As the name signifies, the “Babylonian Talmud” contains much of the Commercial Slave-Trading Mercantile Codifications of “Master-Servant Relationships” which originated in Babylon. Those of the “Pharisee” (Rabbinical-Judaism) belief-system, refer in their “Babylonian Talmud” to those who are Not of their culture; as “Goim” or “Gois”. These words translate to mean “Human Cattle”. This is precisely how historical textbooks indicate that the ancient Babylonians referred to their Slaves. As Mr Lee stated in his above quoted text, “The slave is . . . reckoned in the same way as cattle”.

Though the “Babylonian Talmud” seems to contain few direct citations to Slavery itself, it does set forth a significant amount of evidence showing that Non-Pharisees “Goim” are to be treated with all of the contempt of “Slaves”. Citations from the “Babylonian Talmud” read:

“All things pertaining to the Goim are like desert, the first person to come along and take them can claim them for his own.” Babha Bathra 45. “It is permitted to deceive a goi.” Babha Kama 113b.

And though citations are not clear that this is directly from the Talmud, other Pharisaical Literature states:

“The Life of a Goi and all his physical powers belong to a Jew.” A. Rohl. Die Polem. P.20

(Taxing the Labor of your flesh….RP)

And articles published by Henry Ford’s newspaper, the Dearborn Independent in 1920 – 1922 discuss the “Kol Nidre” as a Pharisaical:

“prayer, named from its opening words, “All vows”,” (kol nidre). It is based on the declaration of the Talmud: “He who wishes that his vows and oaths shall have no value, stand up at the beginning of the year and say: ‘All vows which I shall make during the year shall be of no value.'””

The list goes on and on. The Historical Documentation is Massive of the Malicious Plunder-Oriented Slave-Trading Behavior of these people.

Libbre David 37; A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our … Noah 63b; When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

Coke and others have defined them as “Infidels”, precisely Because History has clearly Shown that the Sworn “Oath” of those ones Means Nothing to them. They cannot be “Bound” by “Conscience”, and they habitually “Lie” at every turn which may serve their own self-serving interests or those of their “Synagogue of Satan”, as referred to by Christ Jesus at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. This is the nature of their “Law”, They Believe they have a God-Given Right to be “Slave-Masters”. They can-not be expected to be bound to tell the Truth. They feel that they are En-Titled by the Authority of their Evil God to Lie to others, so-as-to Control Them and there-by to reduce them to their unsuspecting Slaves.

Such “Infidels” were Expelled from almost every country in Europe between the 13th and 15th centuries for this precise Reason. Their tenacious adherence to this Dis-Honest Babylonian Master-Slave system of Human Conduct Codes, and their relentless Lying and Deception was the Direct Cause of their Ostracism from All of these European Nations.

The Sadducees apparently gave the Pharisees opposition against this corrupting influence, but their days were numbered, for after the destruction of the Temple by Rome in 70 AD, the religious belief system of the Sadducees had apparently met genocide and extinction. The Pharisees (on the other hand) were conspicuously left in the position of authority over all Jews who did not profess Christianity. The ancient Religion of the Pharisees has been in Continuous Total Control of what is fashionably recognized as the “Jewish Religion”, ever since the destruction of Solomon’s Temple. Again quoted, but more focused and brief than above, it reads:

“With the destruction of there Temple . . . Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the teachings of the Pharisees . . . Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future.” The Jewish Encyclopedia: (1905; Page 665)

With the extinction of the Sadducees, the only entity which thereafter stood in opposition to the Pharisees and their Babylonian Codified Talmud were the Christians. The powers in Rome itself were Compromised by this influence. As revealed else-where here-in, the Religion of the Pharisees continues to this day under their self-proclaimed banner of “Judaism” or “Jews”. These people are Not True “Jews”. Nor are they Racial “Semites”, or “Israelites”, or even “Zionists”. Rather they are of the “Synagogue of Satan”, and they merely “Say they are Jews”; all precisely as Jesus is declared to have clearly started in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

These modern Pharisees merely proclaim they are “Jews”out of a Strategy to effect their Ancient Plunder-Oriented Slave-Trading purpose. Approximately 85% of them are not even of the “Semitic” bloodline, but rather are of the Ashkenazi/Khazar Race/Bloodline. They seem to have adopted the Pharisaical-Babylonian Talmudian Religion in about the year 740 or so, out of convenience. They know they are Not True Semitic/Israelites; yet they scream “Anti-Semite” with spine-chilling fervor when-ever anyone seeks to hold them to accountability for their crimes.

Multitudes of such Honorable Americans as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Henry Ford; have all Documented their Culturally Evil-Agenda in great detail.

Modern “Rabbinical Judaism” is the Religious Descendant of those very same Pharisees, and they all look to the same “Babylonian Talmud” Code of “Master/Slave Laws” as the Primary Written “Code of Conduct” for their lives. The preponderance of Ashkenazi/Khazars who serve this modern dso-called “Religion” of “Rabbinical Judaism” (with its talmudian codifications designed to support slave-trading), all indicate to this author that the underlying Conflict between the True Nation of Israel (aka: the “True “Jews” (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9), and these Ashkenazi/Khazars, reaches back way Further than their professed “Conversion to Judaism” in the year 740-ad or so.

(Beware, of false genealogies, A jew is of Judaism period and are the same religion from Jacob….tosay they are Kharzarians is to omit their evil Ezekiel 8….RP)

I am inclined to believe they are “Canaanites”, in large part from the very obviously similar phonetics of their names. I also tend to believe this proposition because of the historically documented Evils of the Canaanite peoples. And I think those likely reach-back even further to “Cain”; the legendary son of “Adam”, who allegedly first slew his brother “Abel”.

(The Murderer from the beginning…..RP)

. . . I feel it is undeniable that these very powerfully-intense forms of Evil still walk this earth, with every bit of acidic-venom of those other very ancient, evil, and suspiciously similarly-named cultures. [Overwhelmingly supported by such anthropologists as Ripley, Weissenberg, Hertz, Boas, Mead and Fishberg, Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe proves the vast majority of today’s Jews are descendants of the Khazars of South Russia as do the Scripture, encyclopaedias, and scores of historians. – Ed.]

(Jewry is a Religion and not any race….

John 7:1 (KJV)

After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

Civil-Law” and “Municipal-Law” and Their History

Textbooks show plainly that Rome is the source of English and American “Civil Law”. Civil Law is recognized in Black’s Law Dictionary as synonymous with “Municipal Law”; as follows:

Civil Law: That body of law which every particular nation, commonwealth, or city has established peculiarly for itself; more properly called “municipal” law, to distinguish it from the “law of nature”, and from international law. Laws concerned with civil or private rights and remedies, as contrasted with criminal laws.

Rome is well recognizable as an Aggressively Warring and Conquering nation. A reputable Textbook of History entitled “Apollo, History of Rome” by Cyril E. Robinson (1956), on pages 26 and 27 reads:

“Many factors contributed to (Rome’s) success; but more important than her military powers, were the political methods where by she contrived to . . . conquer. . . In 381, after overcoming the . . . town of Tusculm, she . . . admitted it to terms . . . (under which it was) compelled to pay the war-tax, and . . . a town thus treated was known as a muni-cipum or “burden-holder”.

Many of the peoples conquered by Rome were reduced to Slaves. No reputable historian contests this fact. Webster’s New International Dictionary (1950, 2nd Edition) links the above term “Municipum” to our modern term “Municipal”; as follows:

Municipal: . . . munia official duties + root capere to take. . . . Rom. Hist. Of or pertaining to, or of the nature of, a municipum.

It further goes on to make the following most note-worthy statement:

Municipal District: A subdivision of a region inhabited chiefly by non-Christians.

(Thus you are a man, not a person or mask according to the Common Law, according to the Constitution for the United States…Court of Records…beware !…..RP)

The Roman merchants engaged in much Slave Trade. The establishment of “Slave-Markets” was one of their top priorities. Contracts Exchanged hands among Merchants for the Delivery of Slaves. The Codes which Governed these Contracts for Slaves was based on the Same Codes which the Babylonians had developed. “Of . . . these Rome was . . . possessed from the earliest period . . . “. (“Historical Jurisprudence” – Lee, above).

(American Jurisprudence….RP) see

Such Babylonian Master/Slave so-called “Law” is modernly still recognizable under either term of “Civil” or “Municipal” Law. [Rome is the Seven-Headed “Beast” described in Revelation. The “Great Prostitute” there-in described as sitting on or controlling the “Seven-Headed Beast” of the Roman Empire which has gathered within itself all the power and evil of the previous three Gentile world powers, is the Roman Catholic church. – Ed.] This Beast was in existence at that time of Christ as the Civil/Military Government of Rome. . .

(Under the authority of Sanhedrin and Catholicos….RP)

The Norman Conquest of England in 1066-ad

The Norman Conquest over the Anglo-Saxon/Celtic People of England in 1066 is vastly under-rated in its significance for understanding modern models of good government. From Rome, the “Norman Invasion” had the “Solemn Blessings of the Pope”. This is shown in many citations, among which is the following:

“William had some difficulty in securing the help of his barons for his proposed invasion of England; it was necessary to convince them individually by threats and persuasions. Otherwise conditions were favorable. William secured the benevolent neutrality of the emperor Henry IV., and the expedition had the solemn approval of Pope Alexander II.” Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol # 23, p.609; William 1: . . . Conquest of England . . .

The Pharisaical system of “Commercial Law”, as codified in the “Babylonian Talmud”; was at that time Forcibly Imposed by the Romanistic-Normans over the previously Non-Romanized Christian/Common-Law Saxon-Anglo/English People. This is shown as follows:

“The Jews, whom the Normans brought to England . . . [or who financed and followed the invasion – Ed.] brought a refined system of commercial law: their own form of commerce and a system of rules to facilitate and govern it. . . Several elements of historical Jewish legal practice have been integrated into the English legal system. Notable among these is the written credit agreement – shetar, or starr, as it appears in English documents. The basis of the shetar, or “Jewish Gage,” was a lien on all property (including realty) that has been traced as a source of the modern mortgage. Under Jewish law, the shetar permitted a creditor to proceed against all the goods and land of the defaulting debtor. . . Jewish law that debts could be recovered against a loan secured by “all property, movable and immovable” was a weapon of socio-economic change that tore the fabric of feudal society and established the power of liquid wealth in place of land holding. . . . Jewish Law, wherein personal debt superseded rights in real property had become the law of the land.” “Foootnote 11: H.C. Richardson, The English Jewry Under Angevin Kings 94 (1960) (Jews liquidation of land obligations broke down rigidity of feudal land tenure and facilitated transfer of land to new capitalist class). Footnote 15: CF. 1 F. Pollock and F.W. Maitland, supra note 3 at 469… (alien to English law for creditor not in possession of land to have rights in it).”

“The Shetar’s Effect on English Law”, The Georgetown Law Journal; V. 71, P 1179 – 1200); Judith A. Shapiro.

Here-under; the Pharisees worked with the Normans under the “Blessing of the Pope” of Rome. Here-under, Roman Civil/Municipal Codes were Forcibly Imposed over the Non-Romanized Christian/Common-Law People of England. As this Pharisee/Roman-Catholic Military Machine was Forcibly-Imposed, the above text makes clear (seemingly happily) that a “Weapon of Socio-Economic Change that Tore the Fabric” of the Society of the Anglo-Saxon/Celtic Peoples. These ruthlessly shocking words are not composed by this author; but they are the words chosen by Ms Shapirro as they appear in her Georgetown Law Journal article. It seems that the aggressively warring nature of that Babylonian-Talmudian based Code of Pharisaical Conduct is not in question among that circle of scholars. It seems to clearly be a body of Master’s Slave-Trading Codes, which are designed to “Tear at the Fabric” of any Society which it targets.

[The invading Jews established the Exchequer – Ed.].

The “Shetar” is a corruption of the word “Star”, and it refers to the infamously abusive “Star Chamber Courts”. This is shown in the following citations:

“The name star chamber . . . has been thought to be . . . because the roof was originally studded with stars, because the Jewish covenants (called starrs or stars . . . ) were originally kept there.” Bovier’s Law Dictionary; 1860.

“Starr or starra. The old term for contract or obligation among the Jews, being a corruption from the Hebrew word “shetar”, a covenant, . . . and Blackstone conjectures that the room in which the chests were kept was thence called the “Star-Chamber”.”

“Star Chamber: A court which originally had jurisdiction in cases where the ordinary course of justice was so much obstructed by one party, . . . that no inferior court would find its process obeyed. . . In the reign of Henry the 8th, and his successors, the jurisdiction of the court was illegally extended to such a degree (especially in punishing the kings arbitrary proclamations) that it became odious to the nation, and was abolished.” Blacks Law Dictionary, 5th Edition:

These courts of Pharisaical Commercial Master/Slave Codes became so heinous for their “Secret Proceedings” and for their infliction of “Cruel and Unusual Punishments”, that they were abolished. They are the essence of our modern Anglo/American so-called “Equity” Jurisdiction. It was all run by “Chancery Priests”, and they were referred to deceptively as “Courts of Equity”. The only thing “Equal” about them, is that all Conquered “Slaves” there-under were treated as “Equal-Slaves”. “Courts of Chancery” is the more honest name which they also frequently used, because a great “Chance” was being taken if a man were forced to go before them. The linkage between “Equity Jurisdiction” and Romanistic “Civil/Municipal Law”, is shown in the following:

“The whole of equity jurisprudence prevailing in England and the United States is mainly based on the civil law”. Boviers Law Dictionary; 1868.

“Civil Law” is from Rome. There was no “Equity Jurisprudence” in England prior to the Norman Conquest. The Norman Conquest had the “solemn approval of the Pope” of Rome according to the above-quoted Encyclopedia Britannica, and many other sources.


The Great Sanhedrin alone had the right to appoint, or confirm the appointment of, the high priest. His consecration might take place only in the day-time. Two high priests must not be appointed together. Every high priest had a “mishneh” (a second) called the Segan, or “memunneh“, to stand at his right; another assistant was the “Catholicos” (“Yad”, l.c. 16–17)………………RP)

The obvious Conclusion is that the Norman’s “War of Aggression” was jointly backed by the Pharisees and the Pope of Rome, all so as to Forcibly Impose the Roman Civil/Municipal Codes of Babylonian-Talmudian based Master/Slave relations. These were mere Tools for Slave Control which were early Imposed by Evil Men with great influence with-in the Pharisaical and Roman-Catholic religious communities. All Conscience-Bound People will Recognize that No True Spirituality could Possibly have been brought in-to England at that time. The “Forces of Evil” Were In “Full Control” during the so-called “Norman Conquest”. Just like at the Crusades; and at the Inquisition. The religious forces consistently behind these movements have a very consistently-evil track-record.

Evil men Aggressively made Religious War against the Christian/Common-Law – Anglo-Saxon/Celtic Peoples of England in 1066. The “Babylonian-Talmud” was completed well before the Norman Conquest of 1066. It’s all the same basic Master/Slave Commerce form of Code of Human Conduct. It all treats living/breathing People as “Merchandise” in Commerce to be bought and sold as those “Slaves and the Souls of Men” as referred to in Revelation 18:13. This entire body of Codified Human-Conduct is all so amorally lacking in fidelity to the Supreme Laws of “Love of Neighbor” from God, as taught by His Son Jesus; as to be clearly a policy of the “Synagogue of Satan” as referred to at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

It is easy to summarize that this is that precise same Code of Human Conduct of which the Pharisee “Money-Changers” were using to corrupt the Temple in Jerusalem, and of which Christ/Messiah Jesus over-turned their tables and drove them out of His Father’s House with the whip. It is easy to summarize that this is the Code of Conduct upon which the Pharisees moved to whipp-up the mob into such a fervent state of Anarchy as to abort “Due Process of Law” and to have Jesus the Christ/Mesiah Lawlessly Nailed to the Cross/Stake.

Modern Applications of Ancient Babylonian Slave-Trading Codes:

This Code of Conduct embodied within the “Babylonian Talmud” is very large, but it contains specific portions which are designed to “Tear at the Fabric” of the society which is its target. These are the words of Ms Shapirro, as set forth in the Georgetown Law Journal. This is not the wording of “Anti-Semitic Right Wing Extremists”. Ms Shapiro’s term “Tear” is specifically used to denote that process which obliterated the “Fabric of . . . Society”, as it had existed prior to that War of Aggression. It would seem Reasonable to conclude that this is a “Code of Human Conduct” based on “Terrorism”. Certainly the word “Tear” seems related to “Terrorism”. Certainly the Anglo-Saxon/Celtic Christian People were greatly Fear Inspired by the forcible imposition of this “Babylonian Talmud” based Code of Human Conduct. The wording of Ms Shapirro Reasonably seems to be an acknowledgment that “Terrorism” was used by the Normans and the Pharisees “who call themselves Jews” as a “matter of Policy” under that Code of Human Conduct; all known as the “Babylonian Talmud”.

This entire body of Roman “Civil-Law” is Designed to Centralize the “Decision-Making Authority” of the Entire Community in-to the Hands of a “Single Arbitrator”. This is How All “Contracts” were En-Forced in the “Court of Equity”. It was early incorporated into what was known as English “Law Merchant”, which many fine scholars have confused as being a true part of the English “Common-Law”. Such happened only after the corrupting influence of the “Norman Conquest”.

Contracts are only enforceable in Courts of so-called “Equity”. “Equity” jurisdiction was allowed to enter into American Jurisprudence by way of Article 3 Section 2-1 of the so-called “U.S. Constitution”. Such was a slap in the face of Christ/Messiah Jesus, and much Evil has worked its purpose in this land by way of that compromise of Godly Principles.

How-ever, in the USA at the Federal Level and most (probably all) State Levels; there are Protections in place against Summary Equity/Chancery Slave-Trader Jurisdictions being imposed over American People. These Protections are available through Constitutional, Statutory, and Case-Law Precedent Provisions. A full explanation of these protections is not presented here; but in another study/document by this same author which is centered around the so-called “US Supreme Court”‘s Case-Law Precedent of”Beacon Theaters v Westover”.

Here-by; the “Equity” Jurisdiction is Purged from All of its Lawful Authority to adjudicate anything; If a proper “Due Process of Law” is invoked. By presenting a “Counter-Complaint”, (CLAIM) which there-by super-cedes and over-rides what is there-by recognized as the constitutionally antagonistic “Equity” Jurisdiction; this modern essence of “Law” allows Americans to Free Them-Selves from the Babylonian Master/Slave-Traders Jurisdiction of so-called “Equity”.

Amendment VII. In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

After three days of Video Analysis, I may need to concede. All the above seems to be the case. Finicum fled approached the road block, which very well have been an ambush. The reason I will say this now, is note the Law Enforcement officer come around the truck as Finicum plowed into the snow bank. The officer ran to cover the front of the vehicle in direct line of fire to the driver.


The Talmudic Hasidic Insiders, Know the Plan of the Destruction of America, they Foment

American Jewish Leader Urges Jews to Get Out of America

American Jewish Leader Urges Jews to Get Out of America

Lori Palatnik, a leader in the American Jewish community, has just released a video in which she calls for American Jews to move to Israel, in fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy about the ingathering of the exiles.  At the End of Days, Palatnik teaches, “Ultimately, the Jews are all going to move to Israel.”


Palatnik is a Jewish educator, author and speaker. In March 2015, Hadassah, the prestigious Jewish women’s organization, named her among the “Most Outstanding Jewish American Women of Our Time.”

The 3-minute video, first published on January 23, 2016, opens with a reference to 9/11 and “the scary prophets that talked about what happens at the End of Days.” In an interview with Breaking Israel News, Palatnik confirmed that she was referring to the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah. More specifically, she spoke about the events of September 11, 2001 as a clear fulfillment of prophecy.

(The Mossad-CIA Murder of over 3000 Americans…………RP)


Palatnik reflected on Biblical prophecy coming true in our lifetime. “After 9/11 was a huge wakeup call,” she told Breaking Israel News. “When they talk about pillars of smoke like date palms, it sounds like nuclear holocaust. When they were writing this, did anyone understand what they were talking about?”

And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the peoples that have warred against Jerusalem: their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their sockets, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. (Zechariah 14:12)

Her warning to American Jews is controversial. Palatnik told Breaking Israel News that, although this is the first time she’s said it publicly, “I speak about this all the time in my community. I talk that way to the people around me. I say, ‘Don’t get fooled. This is coming down. This is happening.’”

(Fore knowledge.The American Christians are waking…..FLEE for your lives…RP)

Palatnik is referring to the dangers of increased anti-Semitism. “There’s been a build up. Anti-Semitism is worse than before the Holocaust. In Paris you can’t wear a kippah on the street. Is that what we’re waiting for?” she asked.

Millions of American Jews do not yet see the danger about which Palatnik is speaking. Even if they believe that ultimately they will end up in Israel, concerns about making the adjustment are common. Additionally, most American Jews think they still have plenty of time.


Palatnik disagrees. “I think it won’t be long,” she warned. “As the winds of anti-Semitism and politics change, your child having a hard time adjusting to an Israeli school will be very minor compared to the need to get out, get out now!”

Acknowledging the difficulty some Jews will have adjusting to life in Israel, Palatnik quoted the rabbinic commentary on Proverbs 13:24 which teaches that, “God has given the Jewish people three gifts, but all of them must be acquired through suffering. These are: Torah, the Land of Israel and the World to Come.”

(Murder, Blasphemy and Theft…….RP)

The way she and her husband raised their own children is an echo of her deeply-held beliefs, she said. “My kids have been told since they were very young, ‘America is not your home. We’re here doing a job for the Jewish people. Israel your home.’ I hope and pray that we’ll all end up there.”

Palatnik addressed the issue of the current dangers in Israel in her video presentation by saying, “It’s not that Jews there are going to be immune to any tragedy, but it’s clear, and I checked it with different rabbis, that you’ll be safer in Israel than anywhere else in the world.”

Asked to elaborate on this concern by Breaking Israel News, she responded, “I am a firm believer that God runs the world and He already knows when it’s your time. To die as a Jew in Israel, it has meaning. Does our life and death have meaning? I don’t want a meaningless death.”

Critics of Palatnik’s message claim that it’s wrong to scare Jews into moving to Israel. They feel that people should come to Israel for something, not because they are running away from something. In response, Palatnik told Breaking Israel News, “I strongly believe that people should make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) by choice. But you can’t stand by. Things are getting worse and worse.

“I’m not a prophetess, but the Almighty is starting to make it uncomfortable, because being comfortable seems to work against us. I don’t want to wait for that. I don’t think anyone should wait until they’re running for their lives.

(Of course not, King James Bible REV 19:10… Worship God, because the testimony about Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”……RP)

“And it’s clear in the Torah that Israel is where God wants us to be.”

(They put their plan right before you America, wake and Repent in the Name Above every name, Jesus……Who is Christ the Lord God Almighty……Any who Kill by the sword will die by the sword, this is the patience of the saints of Jesus Christ….RP

Obama Says USA All Obedient Goyim Noahide Proselytes

Obama on Internat’l Holocaust Remembrance Day: “We Are All Jews”

Obama: I Cannot Imagine a Greater Expression of Christianity Than to Say, “I, Too, Am a Jew”


US President Barack Obama attended a ceremony at Washington’s Israeli Embassy on Wednesday night to celebrate the lives of four people honored by the State of Israel as Righteous Among the Nations on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The ceremony, which recognized the actions of individuals who saved Jews during the Holocaust, was the first of its kind to be held in the US, and the first therefore to be attended by a sitting US president.

(Move over obedient Germany…….RP)

In his remarks at the event, Obama stressed the close relationship between Israel and the US despite recent disharmony between the nations over the Iranian nuclear deal, which was strongly opposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama’s rhetoric attempted to express his respect for the Jewish people, both as a nation and as Christianity’s spiritual forebearers.

(Christ is forbearer long before the jews who crucified the Lord…..RP)

“We are all Jews,” he said, echoing the famous statement of Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, an American officer who refused to betray the Jewish soldiers in his command when a Nazi officer demanded to know which of the over 1,000 American troops held in a German POW camp were Jews. Edmonds, whose actions saved over 200 Jewish lives, was one of those honored at Wednesday’s ceremony.


Obama added that the heroic words of the officer were an “instructive lesson” for Christians, saying, “I cannot imagine a greater expression of Christianity than to say, ‘I, too, am a Jew.’”

(Have at it Maraka…..RP)

He gave a teaching from the Talmud, the Jewish (filth) Biblical commentary, which states that if a person destroys one life, it is as if they have destroyed an entire world, but if a person saves one life, it is as if they have saved an entire world.

(Correction, it states Jews……RP)

Without touching on the sensitive topic of the recent Iranian accords, which Netanyahu has said would be disastrous for Israel, Obama insisted that the US would “stand up forcefully and proudly in defense of our ally, in defense of our friend, in defense of the Jewish state” when global voices veered from “criticism of a particular Israeli policy” to “an unjust denial of Israel’s right to exist” or when Israel faced terrorism.

“America’s commitment to Israel’s security remains, now and forever, unshakeable,” he stated.

(Not speaking for True Americans……….RP)

He went further, highlighting his administration’s work against the current worldwide rise in anti-Semitism and encouraging other nations to take up the battle, even going so far as to say that for other countries to fight anti-Semitism was “essential” for “maintaining a healthy relationship” with the US.

(Deliver you up to their Sinai-Gog’s to be slain and afflicted…..RP)

Anti-semitism, he said, represented “an evil  that runs through so much of human history”. “If we do not answer that, we do not answer any other form of evil,” he asserted.

(Bowing to Talmudic Judaism, submitting to satan’s Sanhedrin…..RP)

Despite his words of friendship and solidarity with the Jewish state, some lawmakers expressed skepticism. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn) and Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn), two of the strongest opponents of the Iranian nuclear deal, attended the ceremony to pay tribute to Tennessee native Edmonds. Though he felt that “the president spoke honestly and from his heart,” Alexander said told the Times of Israel that “as for improving the administration’s relationship with Israel — that’s up to President Obama and the State of Israel.”

While admitting that there remain significant policy differences between the two, Alexander said that the US-Israel relationship was “bigger than any one president.

Your choice, Dumpity Trump or Hilarious Clinton…………..

A Tribute to Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

I am Wrong.  LaVoy was murdered, see further evidence. I apologize.

To LaVOY, I am sorry. 

LaVoy Finicum

“My dad was such a good good man, through and through,” said Arianna Finicum Brown, 26, one of Finicum’s 11 children. “He would never ever want to hurt somebody, but he does believe in defending freedom and he knew the risks involved.”

Though I did not agree in the occupation of the Wildlife buildings…

LaVoy, In defense of the Common Law of man, Natural Law, of Nature’s GOD, was (NOT) Murdered by Rogue Communistic Federal Cowards, 1-26, 2016. My hat is (NOT) off to LaVoy of the Republic of Arizona, to his family is sympathy….RP

Jeff Rense with Pete Santilli 1-25-2016

And of course now comes the (NON) “Cover Up”

BE PRE-Advised. This is all pre-planned.

I smell a mossad rat in this witness……………….

“Victoria Sharp” A set up ?……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Obviously NOT


5. All people are chained down to heavy toil by poverty more firmly than ever. They were chained by slavery and serfdom; from these, one way and another, they might free themselves. These could be settled with, but from want they will never get away. We have included in the constitution such rights as to the masses appear fictitious and not actual rights. All these so-called “Peoples Rights” can exist only in idea, an idea which can never be realized in practical life. What is it to the proletariat labourer, bowed double over his heavy toil, crushed by his lot in life, if talkers get the right to babble, if journalists get the right to scribble any nonsense side by side with good stuff, once the proletariat has no other profit out of the constitution save only those pitiful crumbs which we fling them from our table in return for their voting in favor of what we dictate, in favor of the men we place in power, the servants of our agentur … Republican rights for a poor man are no more than a bitter piece of irony, for the necessity he is under of toiling almost all day gives him no present use of them, but the other hand robs him of all guarantee of regular and certain earnings by making him dependent on strikes by his comrades or lockouts by his masters.

ARE YOU Fooled and Bemused?


I will tell you all, Jesus is Christ is in a far away land, he said “occupy” until he sends angels to harvest……………………………….do what you will, side either side you will…………………………..but know this, you are deceived in them who hold Christ to mere flesh standard.


1. Every republic passes through several stages. The first of these is comprised in the early days of mad raging by the blind mob, tossed hither and thither, right and left: the second is demagogy from which is born anarchy, and that leads inevitably to despotism – not any longer legal and overt, and therefore responsible despotism, but to unseen and secretly hidden, yet nevertheless sensibly felt despotism in the hands of some secret organization or other, whose acts are the more unscrupulous inasmuch as it works behind a screen, behind the backs of all sorts of agents, the changing of whom not only does not injuriously affect but actually aids the secret force by saving it, thanks to continual changes, from the necessity of expanding its resources on the rewarding of long services.

2. Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown myster

IN fact.I am smelling a set up rat, all around. This is all a set up to make the People destroy what I am smelling. A Rat to  turn Americans, against them selves……………………………….for benefit of the Jews.

RAT?  Added 1-28-2016

Added 1-29-2016

Ariel footage shows clearly that LaVoy Finicum went for his gun before being gunned down. I withdraw any prior sympathy.

WRONG See Officer firing into windshield……………….

Added 1-30-2016

The FBI and the Sheriff’s department by right and by law, even constitutional law had in my opinion the right given by the people to stop the armed occupation of the wildlife refuge. In my opinion and standing along with some of the leaders of the NLA and other Liberty groups, it was nonsense and would not accomplish nothing but a sad ending. I have said for almost 17 years, that the only way to restore this country is to target the MSM and root them out, and then and only then, if you could establish Constitutional courts, start in Washington D.C and try under sedition and treason every man and woman, and if convicted, the penalty according to Law. I do not see any exempt, not even one, for they all know the truth, but by fear they do not reveal the Coup, to the American people. The allowance of the influx of millions of illegals is the aim for a majority collective.
Though to many it is a tradegy, LaVoys death, but as he himself stated he would rather die than to be put into prison. Video interviews, showing a side arm and shoulder holstered weapons while making these statements, certainly made it clear that the man meant what he said. That being said, If I were a Sheriff’s deputy i would not walk up to the passenger window nor the driver’s window, knowing this. If you watch the ariel footage, it is clear, that LaVoy took off from the initial stop, and at high speed fled. Coming around a blind curve in the road, by the grace of God he did not plow into the road block. Then imagine the saddened Youtube spectators. There is no doubt that Law Enforcement is nothing more now than security guards, thugs for the Corporation, but the Law as to the Constitution for the United States must be pursued. There is little doubt that the elite propagate widespread civil unrest to succeed in the Marxist plan…………….Just my opinion.

I WAS WRONG. My apologies…

My own sentiments.

I AM WRONG…I Apologize……………

America, and the Coming Constitutional WAR


(As Planned by the Forged People of the Protocols of Zion…Keep in mind the more immigrants are allowed to flood into this nation……the more control the fed will exert against the Constitution of the People, By the People and For the People…destroying the last remaining freedom you may have for your children and grandchildren……..An Obedient Noahide Nation unto the Sinai GOG of Satan and his minions the Talmudic Jews and their Proselytes the useless idiots……You cannot fight this war with guns America…Take back your Un-Constitutional courts..Restore the Common Law of the Constitution and root the Treasonous Vipers out of Government and Put them in Prison. 

Take the “Constitutional Course” at……………

And for all mankind you are created in the image of GOD, Take back your GOVERNMENTS unto yourselves, let their world odour eat cake……………………RP)

Are you a Treasonous Viper, an usurper of the Constitution for the United States of the People and by the People, or will you educate your self on the Constitutional Principles which will ensure the freedom of your children and Grandchildren to your posterity of your individual freedom? Them who are above the Law, Common Law of the 7th Amendment to the Constitution, will be rooted out in every town, every city, every county, every state, and all federal agencies of Government.


Resolution Drafted by the
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Pursuant to the powers and duties bestowed upon us by our citizens, the undersigned do hereby resolve that any Federal officer, agent, or employee, regardless of supposed congressional authorization, is required to obey and observe limitations consisting of the enumerated powers as detailed within Article 1 Section 8 of the U S Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

The people of these united States are, and have a right to be, free and independent, and these rights are derived from the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” As such, they must be free from infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, unreasonable searches and seizures, capricious detainments and infringements on every other natural right whether enumerated or not. (9th amendment)

We further reaffirm that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” (10th amendment)

Furthermore, we maintain that no agency established by the U S Congress can develop its own policies or regulations which supersede the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, nor does the executive branch have the power to make law, overturn law or set aside law.

Therefore, in order to protect the American people, BE IT RESOLVED THAT,

The following abuses will not be allowed or tolerated:

1) Registration of personal firearms under any circumstances.

2) Confiscation of firearms without probable cause, due process, and constitutionally compliant warrants issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

3) Audits or searches of a citizen’s personal affairs or finances without probable cause, and due process, and constitutionally compliant warrants issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

4) Inspections of person or property without probable cause and constitutionally compliant warrants as required by the 4th Amendment and issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

5) The detainment or search of citizens without probable cause and proper due process compliance, or the informed consent of the citizen.

6) Arrests with continued incarcerations without charges and complete due process, including, but not limited to public and speedy jury trials, in a court of state or local jurisdiction.

7) Domestic utilization of our nation’s military or federal agencies operating under power granted under the laws of war against American citizens.

8) Arrest of citizens or seizure of persons or property without first notifying and obtaining the express consent of the local sheriff.

that the undersigned Sheriffs, Peace Officers, Public Servants and citizens, do hereby denounce any acts or agencies which promote the aforementioned practices. All actions by the Federal Government and its agents will conform strictly and implicitly with the principles expressed within the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.

There is no greater obligation or responsibility of any government officer than to protect the rights of the people. Thus, any conduct contrary to the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights will be dealt with as criminal activity.


(George Orwell’s 1984 in 1981…..RP)