Hasidic Rabbi’s Begin Announcing their False Christ Man of Sin

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Hello friends and saints of Christ Jesus,

The internet is abuzz by the Talmudic Hasidic Orthodox Judaic sorcerers and blasphemers, false prophets, of their coming imminent Moshiach, AKA the Son of Perdition, who is to be revealed. (2 Thes 2) Even as the  evangelicals who have not believed Truth in Righteousness await their secret rapture, who will embrace this imposter, for they also await the imminent coming of a false Christ before the prophecy of the 7th Trumpet of the Revelation of Jesus the Christ the Lord, in absolute apostate oblivion. Are you with these? Or are you faithful until the end?

Middle East, Europe Will Be Swallowed in War of Gog and Magog, Warns Mystic Rabbi

Just a few days prior to the Jewish New Year, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a noted kabbalist with thousands of followers in Israel, has revealed a divine redemptive plan for the world which will see Europe overrun with Muslims, Syria’s chaos spilling into the West, the US elections spelling disaster for American Jews, and Israel’s importance becoming greater than ever.

(After the working of Satan who these sorcerers serve…RP)  Looking back May, 2013. Note: Jewry is a religion of Judaism, all Judaism reject Jesus the Christ. There is no such thing of a benevolent jew. Do not confuse zionism which is marxist communism, atheism with orthodox Talmudic Hasidic anti-Christ Judaism.

But the end result of all this strife is closer, and more rewarding, than anyone can imagine: Messiah.

(That is right rib-eye, and you will mourn him your fathers have pierced, Jesus the Christ…RP)

“Everyone is ready, waiting for the public revelation of the Messiah!” the rabbi last week began a post on his webpage. “Everyone understands and knows that the Messiah is active right now,”  he wrote, noting that all of the world events this year are merely preludes hinting at what will come.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/ben-artzi.jpgRabbi Nir Ben Artzi (Wikipedia)
Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi (Wikipedia)

Rabbi Ben Artzi, an Israeli rabbi who gained followers after rumors began to circulate of his prescient abilities in his youth, warned of the impending messianic war of Gog and Magog, which he said is a part of a spiritual process becoming clearly visible in the Middle East.

(Gog is the Sinai-GOG anti-Christ spirit of the world which will be gathers from the four corners of the world of the Revelation of Jesus the Christ…This is their designed false wars to decimate the goyim for their god wannabe…(KJV Revelation 20:1-10)    RP)

“God is creating Gog and Magog, a situation of tohu vavohu (unformed and void, confusion) in the entire world, in order that the Jews will understand that there is Redemption and Messiah, and that it is God protecting the Holy Land,” the rabbi said.

(The anti-Christ jews and their global proselytes are GOG………RP)

The chaos of the coming redemptive war is already spreading, he continued, pointing to Syria as evidence and predicting that it is just the beginning.

(Their god wannabe who by peace destroys wonderfully, temporary flesh redemption by MURDER……………..RP)

“Syria will continue to be wiped out. It is a wasteland, harming countries who try to intervene there,” he said, explaining that America and Russia would end up getting burned by their interference in the quagmire. “They are only engaged in blowing it up entirely, harming themselves in the process.

“Even Syria is intent on killing itself. In the end it will be a wasteland that grows, affecting everyone who comes near.”

(The intention of GOG of Sinai GOG is to make Syria part of Eretz Itsreallyhell…..RP)

The rabbi quoted Psalms to describe what is happening now in Syria:

Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken. Psalms 37:15

(This “Mystical sorcerer” has not read all of the books chapter……….RP)

“Leaders will destroy their nations, and nations will destroy their leaders over this situation,” the rabbi predicted, noting that the crisis is already threatening to engulf neighboring Turkey.

(These Hasidic Vipers and their Ordo Ab Chao of Lucifer make their plans and blame their murders on their g-d………….RP)

Indeed, claiming humanitarian intent, the world’s superpowers have only succeeded in creating more destruction in Syria and bringing their own countries closer to war. The situation has already led to confrontations between Turkey, a NATO member and US ally, and Russia, with a resurrected and aggressive military.

The war will have massive and terrifying international implications, including refugee crises, Rabbi Ben Artzi continued, warning that the Syrian refugee situation in Europe today is only a small prelude to what will be. He predicted that a revolution in Turkey would send “tens of millions” of refugees from the Muslim country to Europe.

Then, he said, “Europe will become a Muslim continent and people will flee from there like from a fire.”

The ongoing Islamification of Europe is already a critical issue faced by European leaders who, after welcoming hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into their countries last year, saw a shocking spike in radical Islam and terror attacks. Bombings, stabbings and shootings left hundreds dead across the continent.

(By Design, see the Protocols of these Vipers……………………RP)


Rabbi Ben Artzi also touched on the US presidential elections in his talk, including an unusual warning to American Jews.

“In the upcoming elections it is important to remember that the next president will be the one that God chooses,” he insisted. “They can say what they want, do what they can, but the one who will be elected is the one who loves the Jews in Israel but hates the Jews in America. That is the big surprise that will happen.”
The rabbi warned in no uncertain terms, “Anyone who touches Israel will disappear from the world. They will immediately get hit with earthquakes, floods, fires, and storms.

(That is right rib-eye, any who attacks spiritual Israel the seed of Abraham who are in faith of Christ Jesus (KJV Gal. 3 & 4)

Hamas and the Palestinians have so much, but since they don’t leave Israel in peace, in the end they will be left with nothing.”Indeed, Israel figures large in world events, as “the entire world is sustained on the merit of Israel,” the rabbi announced.

(That great Whore, will be destroyed, that spiritual Sodom and Egypt the great city where our Lord Jesus was crucified (KJV Rev 11:8)…..RP)

Interestingly, in June, just as world leaders were stepping out of a meeting in Paris concerning a French-led initiative to force Israel to create a Palestinian State within its borders, rain began to fall and the Seine began to rise. Within 24 hours, Paris suffered its worst  flooding in over 30 years.

( Weather Modification…..see    https://noahidenews.com/?s=Netanyahu+warns+france)

“Everyone, including those no longer alive, including the matriarchs and patriarchs, are waiting for the Messiah, and everyone knows it is imminent. But the exact date is only known by God,” Rabbi Ben Artzi stated. “All of the difficulties that come on Israel while they are waiting are meant to purify them, bringing the time for the revelation of the Messiah even closer.”

(KJV REV. 1:7)



Messiah is On the Doorstep, it is Written, Says End-of-Days Rabbi

Rabbi Alon Anava, who lectures all over the world, preparing Jewish people for Moshiach (Messiah), was interviewed last week by veteran broadcaster Tamar Yonah of Israel News Talk Radio about different scenarios for how God might bring the final redemption. He spoke about what Jews and non-Jews should be doing right now to avoid the most difficult consequences.

Rabbi Anava mentioned three particularly dark scenarios. He spoke at great length about the controversial dwarf star Nibiru. If Nibiru is the scenario by which God will bring us to the final redemption, Rabbi Anava said, “Two-thirds of the world could be underwater.”

He also said, “There are prophecies that there is going to be an 11-second war.

(Talmudic mumbo jumbo of Lucifer they serve….RP)

That can only be a nuclear war.” Naming China, Iran, Russia and Korea as four major enemies of the US, he spoke about the possibility that one of these countries could attack by detonating an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) high over North America, thereby plunging it “into the 18th century by completely burning out anything that has electronics in it.”

Rabbi Alon Anava (YouTube Screenshot)
Rabbi Alon Anava (YouTube Screenshot)

Asked about the connection between the US presidential election and the End of Days, he remarked, “Of course the elections have to do with end of time. Moshiach is on the doorstep and every current affair that we see… you just open our [Scripture] from 2000 years ago and it’s like opening a newspaper. Everything is written. Everything was predicted. Everything was prophesied.

(Indeed it is, rib-eye…..RP)

“Personally, I don’t think we’re going to get to the elections. I think they’re going to declare martial law way before the elections happen. Maybe a terror attack, by financial collapse, by riots. Sixty million Americans are on food stamps. Just take that away for one month and you’re going to have 60 million Americans on the streets, creating riots. That’s very easily a cause to call for martial law.”

There is a Jewish teaching that positive prophecies will come true but negative prophecies can be changed. How does Rabbi Anava suggest people can annul these dark scenarios?

“Both Jews and non-Jews alike – we all have to repent. We have to go back to our source. Believing in one God, following the Torah and mitzvahs (Biblical commandments).

(Jesus the Christ is that Lord God Almighty, rib-eye…..RP)

“The non-Jews also have to repent and they also have to stop doing bad things and they also have to follow the laws of Noach (Noah) that you can find in the Torah.

(Noahide Laws of anti-Christ derived from Satan’s Talmud Bavli…..RP)

“There’s no difference. We all have to repent and basically convince the Master of the Universe to annul all these decrees. Especially now, before the High Holidays, repenting means, first of all, stop doing any bad or evil things that we do. Stop lying. Stop cheating. Being honest. Giving charity. Helping people. No judging people the wrong way. Needless to say, following the Torah – observing the Shabbos (Sabbath), eating kosher…. This is the time to really get your act together.”

If enough people turn to God, “we do have the option of sweetening the judgement and receiving the redemption in the blink of an eye, in a sweet way, with no wars, with no problems, with no hatred. It’s all in our hands and the sooner we do it, the better, because the time is ticking.”

Asked where the Jewish people should go, Rabbi Anava unequivocally stated that “Israel is the only safe place… It’s the Land of God. Nothing is going to happen on this land.”

(Wanna Bet Rib-eye………RP)

“Righteous gentiles, as long as they follow the Seven Laws of Noach, they’ll be saved. We have a promise from the Torah and a promise from King David [in Psalms 91:7]. You have to be close to God,” Rabbi Anava emphasized.

(Temporarily saved in their flesh, permanently destroyed in spirit………RP)

“Not only do I believe, I will be beyond surprised if nothing’s going to change in the next few weeks or months. I know it’s happening. Moshiach is happening. Now is the time and everybody better get their act together.”

Tamar Yonah told Breaking Israel News that her interview with Rabbi Anava got four times the amount of traffic as other shows on Israel News Talk Radio. Well-aware of the controversy surrounding Nibiru, Yonah related that she wanted to share the story because of a lesson she learned in childhood.

(The false star of the False Christ to be REVEALED………RP)

Yonah’s father was a Holocaust survivor from Poland who told his children that when Russian Zionist Ze’ev Jabotinsky tried to warn the Jews of Europe to leave before WWII, no one would listen to him. In many cases, he was barred from even speaking.

(Also by design of Lucifer to create Eretz Itsreallyhell………RP)

She recommends keeping an open mind. “You need to listen to people, no matter how crazy it sounds. You listen because crazy things happen in this world. Personally,” Yonah told Breaking Israel News, “I’ve heard these predictions throughout the years. I don’t believe the dates. I like to listen. I want to be open. But I’m of the school of ‘let’s wait and see.’”

“I think we have a bit more time. There are scenarios that need to mature. I think that we’re close. Anyone who believes in the Torah and the Bible can see that we’re in the End of Days period, but my opinion is that it’s not going to happen in the next three weeks.”

(Waiting to see will certainly send one straight into the abyss.. REPENT on Christ Jesus TODAY!….RP)


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