The Prophetic time is here

Due to Prophetic events rapidly unfolding, I have decided to resume the Noahide News. For all who are new I advise you to catch up at

All comments are invited, however beware trolls, sayanim, mossad….all anti-Christ, etc., Judaizers, darby-ist, Hagee-ist, rapture-ist and all ism’s. We know who you are.

Keep in mind that this site is not a misdirection tabloid, such as National Enquirer, , Drudgereport,  Alex Jones, theuglytruth etc. We report only the WORD of God and how it pertains to the enlclosed articles based solely on faith on Jesus Christ .

If you do not understand something here, please take the time to research, The Word of God (Talmud, oral tradition, not counted as scripture).  It is advised to wake from apathetic  apostate complacency.

We rely upon the KING James only.

welcome all the rest who are in faith of Christ Jesus the IAM.