To the Shame of the Anti-Christ jews and their Proselyes

Nothing more needs said. No matter your misguided faith, will you come? Will you hear?

The filthy rot of Sanhedrin and the Judaisers cannot hear the Father nor the Son, Can you?

I say to all you Jews and proselytes, consider what you have done. I say to all of you who are falling away, consider in your own admissions and rejection what you have done to your own souls.

I call on all you who are being Judaised by the very same Pharisees of Chabad Lubavitch and Sanhedrin and your Judaised vipers of your wannabe Judaic gods.

The final call is NOW!

I call on you “Preordained” who Nullify Grace and Salvation.

I call on you  Preterist who have no clue where you are in this fray. IT is upon you NOW!

I call on all deniers and REJECTORS who Deny this very Savior to come in Like Manner.

I call, through Christ My Lord and My GOD, whom is in me, and I am in HIM who is the Father…can you hear? Can you come to the living WATER?

Can any HEAR?

However do you not know that in Jesus Christ Name you have Salvation?

Does anyone Love the Lord, will there be any faith on the World when the LORD Comes?


11 thoughts on “To the Shame of the Anti-Christ jews and their Proselyes

  1. Thanks. I liked the Canadian movie – not perfect – but a much more authoritative Jesus – He was not too good looking (as stated in Bible) and not too new age the the more recent popular iterations. Obviously ome error but overall good movie – enjoyed it – it’s hard to catch up with all the lingo of all the mistakes everywhere. I do love KJV the best – would have had verily verily (instead of I tell you the truth) but both fine.
    Looking forward to more posts ! Do you have a chronology of Daniel and Revelation – I understand where you’re going with Daniel 10 on. The armageddon concept still confuses me altho I read many of your blogs and understand that the psycho rabbis are pushing that forward with cyrus trump etc. (not caring anything about millions of lives) to bring in their moschiac maniac. I’m trying to explain this to to a messianic jewish who listens to sid roth – I cut and past a lot of your stuff – but got confused about armageddon.


  2. Rev 16:16 re: armageddon — my confusion comes trying to decipher what is its meaning as opposed to how the judaizers try to twitst it /spin it (to deceive the elect). Earlier verses Rev 16 re sprits (frogs) imply it’s a spiritual war (armageddon used only once). Why does Bible mention the term in hebrew?
    But earlier in Rev 16 mentions the River Euphrates dried up which seems to impiy channel to a physical war?
    Rev 17 – why does the beast attack the whore ?
    re: the 144,000 – Revelation 7 and Rev 14 (virgins) (and Rev 21) – I can’t untwist the judaizers logic on this . Rev 14:4 – my gut thinking maybe these are children martyr’s ??? or spiritual warfare ?


  3. Armegeddon is a derivation of Greek (Harmagedon) and or Latin Armagedon. It is the culmination of the inhabitants of the worlds rejection of the IAM, the Creator who created everything which is created by him and through him and for his own pleasure, the WORD of GOD, Christ Jesus.

    The saints of Christ are long been slain before this day of the Lords Wrath occurs. same as with the armies crossing the euphrates.

    the beast hates all of the Creators creation and that harlot city jerusalem, spiritual Sodom and Egypt.

    the 144000 are the Firstfruits and Follow Jesus where ever he goes, he is the KING of KINGS in SION Gods Holy Mountain in Heaven (Hebrews 12)


  4. I am certain there will be more post, however I am narrowly focused now on the Noahide news and the beast Sanhedrin. As the prophecy unfolds. There is a lull before another severe storm. Most “Prophecy” sites are become nothing more than political tabloid rags and report on every conspiracy but the TRUTH in the WORD of GOD.


  5. Also Lorie Bee,

    The Judaisers only think to deceive, GOD has put it in their hearts to fulfill his will inn these days. GOD in in complete control, the prophecies are sure and certain. The Judaisers do nothing but what God has SAID.


  6. thanks thanks thanks and thanks! this helps much much more than the other sites you mention – i always follow up what you say and study Bible a lot. I did sense there is another lull before the next storm – the drumpster’s beast staff and advisors (incl e musk) are stacking up to look a lot like bushka’s. You’ve prob heard this before but – I have a judeo-christian lady friend who feeds the poor and has morning dedications and prays all over the city – yet she believes the scofield rot (and also gets involved in candle ceremonies and dream interpretation) etc.. Could it be the former mentioned are fruits ? Thanks again and look forward to your future blogs. PS I went to see Beethoven’s 9th sat next to a guy and expressed I was happy to see church bibles but too bad it was NIV to which he replied he was saved by grace when he went back to the KJV. One more (ignore if you have no time) Do you think there’s any merit in that theory about (daniel) iron and clay (artificial intelligence fb mind control black matter and hellywood sorcery depictions) where people will lose their free will want to die (in those days) but cannot ? We are already so gmo’ed vaxxed and chemtrailed dna-altered – just another in the evil one’s bag of lies and tricks? Thanks again RP!


  7. To say “Judeo-Christian” is like saying “Satan-Jesus” and friend or enemy?
    Daniel…..same….fallen angels and women of men…………….
    In Christ you have the WILL of GOD.



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