New England Patriots -V- Atlanta Falcons

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I am no footballer, but I have decided to tune in on the Super bowl game tonight to watch the Battle between the Two Whores, Aholah and Aholibah. Ezekiel 23

If I were a betting man betting on the Falcons, I would rush to stop all bets.

This is a shembolic game, mega money and casting jewish lots.

Making Etetz Itsreallyhell and her province Maraka,..  Great Again…..

The Patriots (Robert Kraft,orthodox jew, Chabad, Sanhedrin, Aholah, evangelicals, noahides, Publicans)


Atlanta owned by ( Arthur Blank Reform jew, secularist, atheist, liberal, Marxist, Aholibah, demoncrats)

Pastor, some of your sheep will not be in church tonight, they will be betting on one harlot or the other.

Guess who wins temporarily…….? Do I hear an amen? Gawd Blith Maraka.

Up date 2-6-2017….Falcons (Liberals) were walking all over Patriot Conservatives 28-3.

Brady could not get the ball out, no defense, kept getting sacked.

THEN Miraculously, stopped getting sacked and completing passes.

Liberal Athur Blank and wife was all gloomy and Patriots had not even come to a close win? Strange indeed..

A Talmudic Miracle happened !

Patriots over New England 34-28, who would of figured……?

Edelman slipping a note to the wall god of the bobbing Talmudic shekinah jews..

“Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a Jewish billionaire who has donated millions to Jewish and Israeli charities, had likely sent a request upstairs. Kraft, who was raised in an Orthodox family, studies Jewish texts weekly and compared preparing for the Super Bowl to learning Torah.

“You know, it’s like studying Talmud or Torah” —

So then, Trump will “Uphold” the Noahide Laws of Satans Sinai-GOG, Sanhedrin.
Who woulda thunk it?


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