To the Shame of the Jews and All who Reject GOD

Nothing more needs said. No matter your misguided faith, will you come? Will you hear?

The filthy rot of Sanhedrin and the Judaisers cannot hear the Father nor the Son, Can you?

I say to all you Jews and proselytes, consider what you have done. I say to all of you who are falling away, consider in your own admissions and rejection what you have done to your own souls.

I call on all you who are being Judaised by the very same Pharisees of Chabad Lubavitch and Sanhedrin and your Judaised vipers of your wannabe Judaic gods.

The final call is NOW!

I call on you “Preordained” who Nullify Grace and Salvation.

I call on you  Preterist who have no clue where you are in this fray. IT is upon you NOW!

I call on all deniers and REJECTORS who Deny this very Savior to come in Like Manner.

I call, through Christ My Lord and My GOD, whom is in me, and I am in HIM who is the Father…can you hear? Can you come to the living WATER?

Can any HEAR?

However do you not know that in Jesus Christ Name you have Salvation?

Does anyone Love the Lord, will there be any faith on the World when the LORD Comes?


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