Sanhedrin to Trump and Putin, “Build Our Temple”

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Fellow saints of our Lord Jesus the Christ the King,

Just yesterday in my last article, I pointed out how Donald Trumps Victory was a temporary Victory for the Serpent that old devil, Satan.


I thought to be caught up only to awaken today 11-10-2016 to find that the sons of the Sinai GOG of Satan are moving on schedule very rapidly……………….

They repented not of their murders, blasphemies and sorcery

Trump is already breaking campaign promises                                                              The Nascent Sanhedrin is calling on Russian President Vladmir Putin and US president-elect Donald Trump to join forces and fulfill their Biblically-mandated roles by rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the Sanhedrin, contacted Breaking Israel News to announce that the election of Trump, who has promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, coupled with Putin’s expressed desire for the Temple to be rebuilt, prompted the Jewish court to send a letter offering the two the opportunity to act as modern-day Cyrus figures: non-Jewish kings who recognize the importance of Israel and the Temple.

Cyrus the Great, King of Persia in the sixth century BCE, announced in the first year of his reign that he was prompted by God to make a decree that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt.

Cyrus sent the Jews under his rule back to Israel with a considerable sum of money with which to rebuild the Temple. The Sanhedrin plans to call on the two world leaders to take up this ancient Biblical decree and support the Jewish people in their holy mission.

Rabbi Weiss explained that the US elections have made the eternal Jewish dream a very real possibility.

“We are poised to rebuild the Temple. The political conditions today, in which the two most important national leaders in the world support the Jewish right to Jerusalem as their spiritual inheritance, is historically unprecedented,” Rabbi Weiss told Breaking Israel News.

The Sanhedrin’s letter notes that Trump’s upset victory was due to his support of Jerusalem, and reminds Trump of his campaign promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, effectively recognizing the city as the capital of Israel. The Jerusalem Embassy Act, passed in Congress in 1995, initiated the moving of the embassy, but has been vetoed since every American president since. The Sanhedrin calls on Trump to withhold the veto after he takes office.

The Sanhedrin also recalled Putin’s connection to the Temple in its letter. During his third official trip to Jerusalem in 2012, Putin paid a late-night visit to the Kotel (Western Wall). When he arrived at the holy site, the Russian leader stood in silence for several minutes, offering up a personal prayer, after which he read Psalms from a Russian-Hebrew prayer book.

An Israeli bystander called out in Russian, “Welcome, President Putin.” Putin approached the man, who explained the importance of the Temple Mount and the Jewish Temple. Chadrei Charedim, an Orthodox Hebrew news site, reported that Putin responded, “That’s exactly the reason I came here – to pray for the Temple to be built again.”

Putin at the Western Wall

After this remarkable exchange, the Sanhedrin sent a letter to Putin calling on him to fulfill his prayer. At the time, President Putin did not respond to the Sanhedrin’s request, but now that the incoming US president is a potential ally in the project, the Sanhedrin believes it is time for Putin to take an active role in rebuilding the Temple.

In addition to its requests concerning the Temple, the Sanhedrin is also calling on Putin and Trump to renew the 1920 League of Nations resolution known as the San Remo treaty, which essentially enabled the creation of a Jewish State by dividing the Ottoman Empire. It incorporated the Balfour Declaration, issued by Great Britain in 1917, which gave official recognition and backing for the establishment of Israel.

US President Calvin Coolidge ratified the San Remo agreement in 1925, thus making recognition of a Jewish State legally binding by US law. The Sanhedrin emphasized that it is imperative at this time, when the Palestinian Authority is attempting to rewrite world history by campaigning against the Balfour declaration, to strengthen the historic American commitment to the State of Israel by readopting the agreement.

Rabbi Weiss emphasized that supporting the Jewish claim to Jerusalem would bring benefit Russia and America, as well as the entire world.

Anti-Christ Noahide enslavement….RP

“The leaders of Russia and America can lead the nations of the world to global peace through building the Temple, the source of peace,” Rabbi Weiss explained. “This will offset the disgraceful UNESCO resolutions that are the root cause of increasing terror and violence.”

Last month, the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) passed two resolutions denying any  connection between the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people, ceding to Islam a religious monopoly on many of Judaism’s holiest sites.

My last email correspondence (goading) with rib-eye (Jesus said call no man rabbi) Dov Stein the Secretariat of Sanhedrin….

2016-11-04 22:15 GMT+02:00 Robert Pickle <>:


It is quite funny how the Hassidic Talmudic jews are setting Trump up to be Moshaich ben Joseph, and the masses are falling for it.



From: דב שטיין []
Sent: Saturday, November 5, 2016 3:28 PM
To: Robert Pickle
Subject: Re: Quite funny

In every society there are miserable persons. Trump can not be Moshiach because he is not a Jew. Even more the information published about him is not glancing the same as with Clinton

2016-11-06 5:11 GMT+02:00 Robert Pickle <>:

Dov, you  must be confused between Rambam and Midrash. Of course Trump is not Moshiach ben David,…. But Moshiach ben Ephraim


From: דב שטיין []
Sent: Sunday, November 6, 2016 1:32 PM
To: Robert Pickle
Subject: Re: Quite funny

No confusing. un order to understand why there is no confusing u have to study. Trump can not be Moshiach. might be he will be like Koresh the king of Persia



2016-11-06 21:44 GMT+02:00 Robert Pickle <>:

To send all  jews to Israel from dispora, to give Jerusalem to Israel, to rebuild the temple?


From: דב שטיין []
Sent: Sunday, November 6, 2016 2:32 PM
To: Robert Pickle
Subject: Re: Quite funny



2016-11-08 17:56 GMT+02:00 Robert Pickle <>:


Can you prophesy who will become the 45th President of the USA tonight?


From: דב שטיין []
Sent: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 12:14 PM
To: Robert Pickle
Subject: Re: Quite funny

I am not a prophet. Meanwhile I do not see any sgnificant reason to prefer one of the two candidats


2016-11-08 20:50 GMT+02:00 Robert Pickle <>:

Ah but, Hillary Clinton will continue to seek the “Two State” solution for the Palestinians. 

Well, either way, Netanyahu who serves the dead rebbe Schneerson, now has Trump to do his will.

Robert Pickle <>Thu 11/10/2016 11:32 AM


I would like to see the letter from Sanhedrin to Trump and Putin to build the temple.


Revelation 17:17(KJV)

17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.


דב שטיין <>Thu 11/10/2016 12:57 PM


Sanhedrin – Great Court of 71


47                9322833             Rachel Eimenu 47 Jerusalem Israel

.  972 -2-5661962  Tel          15325661962972 fax    e -mail

In G-D we trust. 10 of Marcheshvan 5777 (11 Nov. 016)


Donald Trump,

The coming president of the United States, praised be his name.

We tribunal of the Sanhedrin located on Mount Zion bless you with the blessing of Abraham, Blessing gives salvation to kings, A leader of your country and the country head of the nations in peace and plain to the purpose of human existence – Building the Temple in Jerusalem – Which is a key goal of peace and prayers to God.

Humanity longs for fulfillment of the prophetic vision:

Isaiah Chapter 56,7: ” Even them will I bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer; their burnt-offerings and their sacrifices shall be acceptable upon Mine altar; for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”

In your visit near Jerusalem, God willing, it will reach the Temple Mount, We ask you to announce to the world that will never rest until the be established at the top of the mountain Mount Moriah building of the Temple, because of the LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel, for He hath glorified thee, Creator and leader stronghold awe, love, truth and peace law.

The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Rabbi Yoel Shvarts chairman of the court,   .Rabbi Dov Stein – secretary

Rabbi Prof, Hillel wise,        Rabbi Yishay Baba”d     spokesmen

Friends, Indeed did the LORD promise to the seed of Abraham, those in faith to Christ Jesus, (Gal 3 & 4)to bring his saints unto his house (Hebrews 12) unto his Holy Mountain Sion. The choice you will make will be by free will, whether you will serve their god of flesh, or the Spirit Lord God of Heaven.

The key is that GOD…….Has put into their hearts to give their power unto the Beast to Fulfill his WORD. The Lord has given mankind 2000 years to serve him alone. Now the masses are fallen away and judgement begins…Will you stand fast in the Name of the LORD in the hour of temptation which to to come upon you?

Prepare for Satan’s onslaught,  Living Saints of Jesus! Stand Fast in the Name above every name and the only name in which to enter the Kingdom of God, JESUS.


21 thoughts on “Sanhedrin to Trump and Putin, “Build Our Temple”

  1. Putin will not ‘sell out’ to the fake Khazarian Zionist/Bolshevik ideology/communist/fascist/NWO/one world government cabal. Please pardon my forthrightness– but to even consider that Putin would follow, what is clearly the path of the worshippers of Satan, is an insult to Vladimir Putin– of who he is.

    Putin’s whole being, all his actions show his deep faith in God Almighty– his consciousness of the role he has to play to the very death to return by way of his fearless leadership, not only Russia, but the world to Godliness– so that all religions, no matter their different ways of structured belief– would at their respective foundation’s– again return to the pure tenet’s they all originally had in common– that is– love and righteousness, recognising the brotherhood of mankind — all as their neighbours to serve, honour and protect in the Name of the One God– only then peace and prosperity can follow.

    There are many things Mankind has proposed, which base and self-serving, had come to pass — but countless more are there things which remain beyond Mankind’s power to change– these ever remain God’s Mysteries — His absolute power to control Mankind’s destiny– We are in the last throws of the Iron Age and while wickedness and evil will not depart overnight– it WILL depart and be replaced with a return to God’s Goodness again.


  2. “Putin will not ‘sell out’ to the fake Khazarian Zionist/Bolshevik ideology/communist/fascist/NWO/one world government cabal. Please pardon my forthrightness– but to even consider that Putin would follow, what is clearly the path of the worshippers of Satan, is an insult to Vladimir Putin– of who he is.”

    kznwatch, obviously this is the only article you have read.
    The scripture I follow says zero about a butterflies and roses utopia.I only advise and cannot force a choice for you.


  3. Also kzn,

    I have not subscribed to the useless genealogies of the Khazarian “Theory” made by those who deny Christ Jesus the Lord, namely the jews.

    This then exonerates the jews who crucified Jesus, making them real jews over this theory…making them benevolent and opening the theories that there must be real jews, forsaking the gospel of the true jew inwardly by the circumcision of the heart through Christ Jesus.

    And you are also correct that Putin is not a “Khazarian Zionist/Bolshevik ideology/communist/fascist/NWO/one world government cabal”

    He backs Chabad Lubavitch, the orthodox pharisees of Talmudic Judaism, who are rabidly against secular zionist and zionism and atheistic Bolshevil communism and socialism.


  4. Also on a final note kzn,

    Are you a Russian? Have you ever lived in or worked in Russia?

    Have you ever heard and can you document when Putin has publicly stated that Jesus is the Christ the King, Lord God Almighty?

    “If it were possible, even the elect would be deceived”


    • i understand that roman catholics and russian orthodox believe that Mary was also immaculately conceived, so if Mary was immaculately conceived and Christ immaculately conceived you have a Christ who didnt come in the flesh. If you deny that Christ came in the flesh you are an antichrist according to John. according to Paul you have another Jesus, a Jesus who bows down to mans will and vanity, instead of the Christ who is sovereign over all. loyola the founder of the jesuits was a jew, constantines wife was a jew copernicas was a jesuit. the jews come at you in so many different ways. they truly are of their father the devil the master of lies. As Christ said he will cause them all to fight one another Ezekial 38 and 39


      • So then we have the Catholicos, Orthodox, Hindi, Moslem, Bhudda, Mormon, YHWH witnesses, evangelicals who serve a watered down little version of a triune gods, all apostate as their masters the jews of hashem their flesh gods. All who have not come to the understanding of who the Lord of Lords and King of Kings the Almighty God is……..


  5. Now Kelly, you know I believe that the Temple of God is in Sion God’s Holy Mountain in the Kingdom of Heaven as Per Hebrews 12 and Revelation of Jesus.

    As for the fables of the jews and their temple of desolation to deceive the inhabitants of the earth, it will be where ever they say it is for their god of this world, Satan that Old Dragon.


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