Make America Great Again, What More Needs to Be said?

This Marxist LGBT backing ,Sissy Cheer Leader Clown, on perpetual vacation?

Image result for Obama Golfing

Or this, Mucho Macho, Caucasus Russian?

This Hooping Cough Lesbian Criminal Goyim Marxist?

this Obedient Orthodox jewish Hassidic Goyim Billionaire  Egotistical Noahide ?

Image result

This Talmudic Racist  APARTHIED Orthodox Chabad Lubavitch Talmudic Satanic Sanhedrin Stooge?

Image result

How do any of you think apostate Maraka can be Great Again?

the Other Option is the Only Option, He is KING of Kings, Lord of Lords ?

Crucifixion, Matthias Grunewald

Your Choice America, Why have you Insulated yourselves from the Ultimate Truth?


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