Synopsis of Satan’s jewish Matrix World Order of Babylon

Hello friends,

The below was just a brief analogy of the “Matrix” to a friend today. Just a small bit of info, but I am certain you will begin to see the sorcery.


Matrix (Sanhedrin after the Working of the Dragon)

Simulacra (Book) The Matrix Program, is about Nihilism.

  1. I believe it was Tank who called Neo “My own personal Christ”.
  2. Neo (Moshiach) meets “Trinity”
  3. Morpheus (False Prophet) Heralds Neo as potential (Moshiach)
  4. Morpheus awakens potential Moshiach (Neo).
  5. Smith (Spirit) coming for Moshiach (Neo).
  6. Morpheus tells Neo, he believes Neo (Moshiach) is “The One”.
  7. Morpheus debugs Neo.
  8. When Neo is debugged, he blasphemes ” Jesus the Christ”.
  9. They enter a Building with Freemason Tile.
  10. Morpheus ask Neo (Moshiach) if he wants to know about the Kingdom (zion)
  11. Morpheus shows Neo (Potential Moshiach) the World, says come with me and I will give it to you.
  12. Give Blue and Red pills “Choice” and says “Surely you will not die” but your eyes will be open and you will be like God.
  13. Tells Neo that time is “Always against us”
  14. Shows Neo  the Khan,  Reality. The world.
  15. Morpheus rebuilds Neo to conform with zion.
  16. Tells Neo the Kabalistic true year, and Tells him he is aboard the Babylonian Nebuchednezzer…
  17. Morpheus sells Neo on reality by illusions.
  18. Morpheus sells Neo on destruction of the Matrix for zion.
  19. Morpheus explains the scorched earth and sky.
  20. Tells Neo men are only cattle
  21. Potential Moshiach (Neo) “sleeps on it” Mulls over whether he wants to be Moshiach. (Super-Man)
  22. Morpheus tells Neo, he can “Change World”.
  23. Oracle says Moshiach (Neo) must die before going into perdition and returning as prophesied, bringing freedom to zion.
  24. Morpheus (False Prophet) trains Neo in all the arts.
  25. Tank and Dozier are natural born of zion (Real jews)
  26. Zion is last city all other cities are annihilated.
  27. Zion underground (Hell) Itsreallyhell.
  28. Tank seeks Super-Man Moshiach, tells Neo this.
  29. Neo shown all Warfare techniques.
  30. Morpheus challenges Neo in warfare techniques, Neo finally defeats Morpheus.
  31. Morpheus frees Neo’s Mind
  32. Neo (Moshiach) must fail first time according to prophecy.
  33. Morpheus tells Neo the Body cannot live without the Mind.
  34. Trinity courts Moshaich (Catholicos) and Moshiach’s (Sanhedrin)
  35. Zion has survived by hiding and running from the spirits ( Agent Smith)
  36. Sooner or later zion must have the ultimate battle against the spirit (Smiths)
  37. The Plan is to use EMP against Matrix (Samson Option)
  38. Ex Machina (Machines- Dragon) seeks out them aboard the Babylonian Nebuchednezzar
  39. Proselyte Evangelical Noahide, Cypher, tells Smith “ignorance is Bliss”, wants to go back into the Great whore.
  40. Cypher does not want  “Moshiach Now” sells out zion mainframe schematic
  41. Oracle finds Neo “The Path”
  42. Neo competes with “Line of David (zion) to be Moshiach”
  43. Oracle (witch of Endor, Seer) test Neo.
  44. Morpheus tells Smith spirit “You all look the same to me”
  45. Smith defeats Morpheus in battle
  46. Cypher kills Dozier and Tank the natural born true jews of zion.
  47. Cypher turns on Neo to kill him.
  48. Neo makes admission people are oblivious and complacent to Matrix.
  49. Smith boast Victory over Neo soon
  50. Neo resurrected (goes into perdition)
  51. Zion to set EMP against Ex Machina
  52. Neo is now accepted Moshiach

Matrix Reloaded

  1. Neo (Moshiach) has dream Catholicos Trinity Battles agent spirit
  2. Machina is digging to Itsreallyhell zion
  3. Neo Must go to seer Witch of Endor, Oracle, to see prophecy fulfilled.
  4. Agent Smith Tells Neo he has set Agent Smith Free from Matrix for the Ultimate battle.
  5. Neo (Moshaich) doing Superman thing, flying, says Link.
  6. Neo Goes to witch of Endor, seer the Oracle.
  7. Not all zion believes in Moshiach, says Commander Locke (John Locke)
  8. Council (Sanhedrin) to meet in Temple
  9.  Morpheus (False Prophet) who heralds Moshiach tells Council High Priest that more zionist were freed to make aliyah from Matrix in last six months than last 6 years. The Prophecy of Moshiach will be fulfilled.
  10. Link the atheist secularist zionist,begins believing in Moshiach Neo.
  11. Morpheus announces to all of zion in Temple”Have no Fear” “Your Redemption Draweth Nigh”
  12. Sensual Orgy Dance celebration ensues.
  13. Neo (Moshiach) and Catholicos (Trinity) consumates with sex (Fornication) in bed together.
  14. Smith free of Matrix takes body of Bane. (Bane =Ruin or spoil)
  15. Councilor, High Priest of Sanhedrin reminds Neo (Moshiach) he is only a man.
  16. Sanhedrin High Priest says he does not understand Neo, but wants to understand.
  17. The Oracle (Seer) contacts, summons Neo to come to her.
  18. Commander Locke is pithed at High priest for allowing Babylonian Nebuchednezzer to assist Neo, High Priest says there is a greater power than war machines.
  19. Seraph “Wingless” battles Neo to see if he is worthy. Neither wins and truce is called.
  20. Seraph tells Neo he protects that which matters most, Oracle.
  21. Oracle admits she is of Matrix program.
  22. Oracle says everything is a program from the “Source” the birds, trees, sun and moon, all doing their “Jobs” and that Vampires, Ghost, angels, werewolves, are programs that are doing what they are not programmed to do, so they hide in Matrix and refuse to go back to the source.
  23. Oracle tells Neo he is “The ONE” and if he does not choose to be Moshiach, zion will be destroyed.
  24. Oracle tells Neo Moshiach he must go to the “Source” to save zion.
  25. Must get the Key from the Keymaker to get to the “Door” of the Source.
  26. Neo Moshiach frees the keymaker from the merovingian.
  27. Smith the spirit (saints of Jesus) tells Neo he has been freed fom Babylon the Matrix and he and Neo are even, yet he sees where Neo Moshiach overpowers the saints, but only in their flesh, unplugged. Smith begins to multiply for the last battle.
  28. Smith and Neo Moshiach battles, Smith is Holpen with a little help, Moshaich Neo has not defeated Smith yet.
  29. Machina boring to zion, Commander Locke tells High Priest they need Samson Option, but Sanhedrin Council sends babylon Nebuchednezzer to save Neo and Bring him to zion. They also send the Viligent and the “Logos”
  30. While Neo battles merovingian, Key maker tells Neo only One Door Leads to the Source, Smith battles Neo at the door to the Source, Neo succeeds and opens the Door and is blinded by White Light, then transformed through the heavens to the Freemason Architect of the Universe
  31. Architect tells Neo he is just a man.
  32. Architect tells Neo he is a glitch in programming and is the 6th reload, but is an anomaly of free choice and is learning of that free choice.
  33. Architect says first Matrix was perfect but man was not perfect.
  34. Architect tells Neo the Oracle is the Mother of the Matrix, she new that even though humans had free choice 99% would choose to remain in the Matrix, Mystery Babylon, but those 1% who came out could cause the Architects program great disaster.
  35. Neo said it is about zion.
  36. Architect tells Neo he must return to the Source to be reloaded and reprogrammed and begin the Matrix anew with 16 females and 7 males.
  37. Gives Neo Choice to save Trinity or go to Source to be reprogrammed.
  38. Neo chooses to save trinity and forsake the Source, for LOVE.
  39. Neo raises Trinity from the dead.
  40. Then Neo loses his faith that he is the One.
  41. Morpheus begins to doubt Prophecy.
  42. The arm and “Hammer” rescues Trinity, Neo and Morpheus
  43. Smith goes into Bane (Ruin and spoil)


Matrix Revolutions


  1. Neo and Smith are aboard Nebuchednezzer of Babylon together in zion.
  2. Neo ends up going to Matrix and is not plugged in, ends up at Train Station.
  3. Morpheus goes to New Oracle
  4. Mergovinian controls Train Master
  5. Seraph “Wingless” protects Oracle
  6. All must make final choice between worlds (MUST CHOOSE by free will)
  7. If Neo (Moshiach) cannot save zion then the decision is the Samson Option.
  8. Smith destroys the Witch of Endor, seer, the Oracle
  9. The plan by the Commander is to defend zion from the “Dock” against Machina and if defeated to defend from the “Temple”
  10. The Hope Nebuchednezzer (Babylon and Moshaich) will save them by EMP.
  11. They fly a Robert Townsend Brown/ Tesla electro magnetic craft. UFO.
  12. Neo becomes the Blind Moshiach seeing with inner senses
  13. Capt. Mafune gives speech on Samson option to “GIVE THEM HELL”
  14. Kid says he “believes on Neo” Moshaich
  15. Nebuchednezzer and Neo saves the Day for zion, temporarity. But then looks as though Machina will totally annihilate zion and the Temple
  16. They all run to the Temple of zion
  17. It is recommended that council (Sanhedrin) hide in Temple.
  18. Then  Neo and Trinity goes into the Heaven and sees both moon and sun together one side of the earth.
  19. Trinity (Catholicos) is defeated and dies.
  20. Neo (Moshaich) Makes peace with Machina (satan that old dragon) if Moshiach defeats the spirit Smith.
  21. Neo (Moshiach) then goes to do battle against Smith (spirit) who is many and defeats Smith after Smith tells Neo the Purpose of the flesh is to die.
  22. Neo (Moshiach) tells Smith he is the first and the Last and cannot die then annihilates Smith from zion flesh world
  23. The orgy Dance celebration
  24. Zion is saved and the peace treaty with the Dragon who gave Neo his authority is sealed
  25. The Council (Sanhedrin) accepts Neo as Moshiach.
  26. The Freemason architect meets with the reborn seer Oracle, and says it ain’t over yet.  

It is quite coincidental as soon as I published the above, I recieved this email from Chabad Lubavitch…

Dear Friend,

This past Shabbat in Jerusalem, less than a mile from the site of the Holy Temple, a guest at our table reminded me that “expectations are resentments waiting to happen.” Indeed, predetermining the future is often the surest route to disappointment. Yet Maimonides’s thirteen principles of the Jewish faith includes, “I believe with complete faith in the coming of Moshiach, and although he may tarry, nevertheless, I wait every day for him to come.”

Day after day, year after year, we have waited, for thousands of years, expectantly but without resentment. How is that possible? There are many ways to approach this question, and much to learn on about the many deep meanings of Tisha B’Av, exile and redemption.

But one concept is central: Like parents who believe in their children no matter what, G‑d believes in us. And we believe in Him. We are believers, children of believers, certain of G‑d’s goodness, no matter how hidden that goodness may be. Our faith transcends resentment and unmet expectations.
Whether this Tisha B’Av will be a day of fasting or feasting, we believe with a perfect faith that we are closer to the final redemption than ever before, and we will continue to joyously await its imminent arrival.

Yaakov Ort
on behalf of the Editorial Team

(Also note the Kabalist Frenzy for Neo…to RELOAD…RP)

During this era, the Reclaimed, Redeemed, Restored Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel will enter the 4th dimensional futuristic House of Israel as 2-3 billion of the Lost Israelites standing on the shores of the “World Beyond” as they participate in the culmination of the 6,000 year “Cycle of the Ages” and in the evolution of the redemption, restoration of the futuristic “Gan Eden” when the gates of heaven will open up and the “Heavenly Garden of Eden” will come down and touch the Earthly Garden of Eden. At that time the Maschiach ben David (Messiah son of David) will begin a new cosmic and universal era. 

At this time, the tectonic plates under the city of Jerusalem will begin to expand as the Temple Mount region of Jerusalem will encompass the whole region of the Middle East, called “Greater Israel” as the Commonwealth of Israel instituted by Kings David and Solomon will include the whole region of the Middle East and the “Land of Israel” will expand to include the entire land base of Planet Earth when Melekh HaMaschiach (King Messiah) will arrive as the Maschiach ben David (Messiah son of David) and will begin to rule the whole earth as predicted by “Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s Jubilee Prophecy gives the Year of the Messiah.” 

So then saints of Jesus, would you like to see the Real Unveiling of the Matrix of the Dragon unfolding? Planned enforced relocation forced labor camps, Humanomics the Pythagorean man model of Humanism?

KJV Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

KJV Matthew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.


“CONTINUITY OF LIFE,” of the Nation, and Jewish People”

The world has to date little noticed, and sadly cares less what our IDF, government, people and Diaspora, have all covertly said.

Namely, that our nation building enterprise; has failed, Zionism is political since   and has COLLAPSED, as its material focus, derives from socialism, a derivative of communism, based on a model of FASCISM..

(In comes the Benevolent “real Jews” who deceive mankind unto their God that Old Devil and satan…RP)

Nor will such an Israel, be long remembered, except for its extremes of war, occupation, racism, incitement, theft since what we now say is unimportant to the world; as ONLY what we do, is what will never be forgotten, since what we did here, was is and remains wrong until corrected. And so it’s now more, what we’ve yet to do here, that is what sanctifies G-d’s name as obeys His command(s).

(Their ineffable g-d, Ein Sof, naga the Serpent, see Texe Marrs “Holy serpent of the Jews”      ….RP)


In context, of exile’s end, Rabin’s, zt’’l, murder was the precursor event, of the end of exile; as was confirmed on 9-11-2001. Sharon’s,zt’’l passing, confirms, Rav Kaduri’s, zt’’l, posthumous Blessings and predictions of Moshiach; as confirms the essential Blessings of Hashem, Ravs Kanyiesky and Rav Steinman’s (and numerous other Rabbis) and and full Gedolai HaTorah.

Why is this important? As our Blessed Gedolim fear Heaven, more than man and Israel’s covert communists and Fascists. Yehoshua share(ed) (High Priest) his three dreams and visions, that Israel’s exile has ended, redemption has begun and Moshiach is here, that many others NOW confirm; while in parallel there is a significant rise in FALSE Prophets, globally.

(So says this “False Christ….RP)

The remembering of our dead, is really all about you, the living, and the unborn. The ones who are NOW dedicated to the significant unfinished inclusive work, of Israel’s redemptive human enterprise, as is herein, now become, the essential NEW nation building work, of our time. It’s Humanomics(sm) that replaces secular political Zionism’s collapse, with its central organizing principle, that is the New “Receiving, to give(sm),”and too it’s ”Integration of Labor(sm).”

(Forced Labor relocation workcamps for the Goyim….RP)

As this is the spiritual work, that in redemption NOW transforms the material works of political Zionism’s era; that historically, shifts our focus from exile to redemption. As the behavioral nation state, that was based on a Zionism of a materialism of the sword (is our very own PC politically correct Jihad).

About this, we unite and move to the post Zionism, cognitive spiritual redemptive framework, of Moshiach’s spiritual paradigm Humanomics(sm), as is NOW, the New world order, led by Moshiach’s authentic Israel that with the Levi’im leads us to mankind’s redemption and personal salvation..

Since it is the solution to our world’s chaos of today and thus it is the ONLY, NEW World Order. Whose NEW Sustainable Human Development-SHD programs, are inclusive programs, as are derived from our Blessed Torah; and this is Humanomics(sm), in general and its COGNITIVE science(s) of Intelligent Design, and its Identity Resolution sciences in “Receiving, to give(sm),” in particular.

SINCE absolutely nothing less, can ever, justly compensate the great human effort, of so many of those, too whom we hold in eternal loving memory, that are and remain so dear; who fought, struggled and sacrificed, so much, for all of us. To whom we owe, so much, who came before us, and who so graciously advanced, our tradition, in the vision of redemption, and salvation, in particular.

And whose Torah CONTENT and leadership, in our tradition, has so well prepared us, for His Blessed be Hashem’s purpose, for Israel, and the Jewish people, and too all mankind. That purpose is, AGAIN, Peace; that now sanctifies G-d’s name, as is His certain cognitive redemptive enterprise, as now flourishes in Humanomics(sm), while even more importantly, delivering its salvation(s) for all who struggle, globally, for justice today.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV)

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

This is the ‘narrative’ of redemption’s long history, of overcoming exile, in the light of His, Blessed be Hashem’s redemption. This historic process now ‘localized,’ in Jerusalem, in particular, and Israel, the ME Region and the world in general; is what now derives from the COLLAPSED ‘local reality,’ that was exile’s “giving, to receive.”

Hashem localized ‘ground zero,’ and this now COMMANDS the parallel postulate, of “deconstruction” of its ground zero for all its four levels. This is to clear the way, for our now building Humanomics(sm) in general, and its ‘central organizing principle’ that is now the Halachah of Redemption, that is “Receiving, to give(sm),” in particular; as this is what now replaces political Zionism’s old “giving, to receive,” as COLLAPSED globally.

This is the great task, remaining before all of us, that we’ve received from Heaven, with which to honor, the memory, of our dead. In the service of the living God, of Israel; as ONLY this will elevate their souls, as NOW requires, all of us, to now deconstruct the collapsed local reality, in each one of us, in our family, community and nation, that was exile’s “giving, to receive,” that is our particular ground zero, as NOW facilitates our NEW cognitive capacity, to now ‘inhabit’ redemption’’s new Quantum Reality, in “Receiving, to give(sm).”.

As this is also now localized, first, and universalized second, in its particular form(s) that are found in redemption’s “Receiving, to give(sm).” And in doing so, we eventually, ONLY with God’s help, herein awaken, atone, restore what was stolen, as NOW heal us, and ALL who listen, on the vertical axis (of the world of truth), to eternal life, for all we hold eternally dear, in and by our communal service of Heaven, whom Hashem also holds dear and precious.

In and from, our increased spiritual devotion, we are strengthened in the struggle, to complete, His redemptive process Now begun. First, in ourselves, loved ones and others, as Heaven directs; as this ensures the continuity of the generations, based on our particular salvation(s).

In this context, may our Blessed loved ones Memory, be Blessed and live eternally, within all of us. Wherein our dead, shall NOT ONLY, NOT have died in vain, but are herein with us, alive spiritually in redemption.

Before us, in His light, that we now receive His servant, the Tzaddik of the generation; Blessed by Rav Kaduri, zt’’l as the Baal Korei, Shel Torah Shel Peh, as is our Moshiach. Blessed by Hashem, Ha Rav Kaduri, zt’’l Blessed the Moshiach; while he was/is subsequently Blessed by Rav Kanyeivsky and Rav Sthtinman, and too by the Gedolai Ha Torah, to end the .gov Plili assault on Torah learning, here in Israel.

Moshiach and the Levi’im, Now brand the Torah’s NEW Humanomics(sm) and its Torah derived NEW sciences of Intelligent Design and technology, as the alternative, to Zionism’s collapse.

Herein all Klal Yisrael, is NOW beginning to understand the gravity and implications of these changes, as the Jerusalem Atzeret confirmed, in response to the government of Israel’s Plili, ATTACK on Torah.

And this is why this writing, herein confirms our response, as it is to briefly describe and postulate, the ONLY alternative solution that NOW devolves from Humanomics(sm) in general, and its new ‘central organizing principle’ that is “Receiving, to give(sm),” in particular; as NOW replaces Zionism’s collapse, as it is to be branded in Israel as Lakewood New Jersey, USA cannot.

And as our circumstances, NOW requires in Israel, certain off-shore plans have been shelved, as we’re NOW focused on the ‘watershed’ EVENT of the millennium, in respect of Israel, namely, the “Siege of Jerusalem,” with the murder of our three Yeshivah students; murder of five Rabbis in Shul, the seven Sasson children and numerous other “sieges of the heart.”.

This was really, not much noticed globally, in context of Moshiach and redemption; in comparison, to the murder of Rabin, zt’’l, while the COLLAPSE on ‘9-11’ of the World Trade Center, Twin Towers (as spoke volumes to ‘the Rov’, in New York (though NOT understood, at the time nor since, much less comprehended) ENDED man’s exile, the Tsuami and the Arab Spring, that last ,came to Israel in general, and Jerusalem in particular.

While THE SOLUTION’S focus on Jan.28th, 2011, with the VISITATION of the Heavenly Presence ASTOUNDED all who saw, witnessed and believed in its awsome MIRACLE, while the governmentn was AGAIN SILENT as it was about Israel’s .gov ATTACKS on His Servant, Torah and its Rabbs and institutions, in Israel.

The RESPONSE is led by the hidden Tzaddik of the generation who CONTENT as above and its NARRATIVE of these EVENTS and ties provide us all hope, clarity and His Blessings, whose context is the afore referenced solution. AGAIN it is that Rav Kaduri, zt’’l was correct, ” Moshiach is here, and his name is“Yehoshua” and too that he “will confirm, that his words and law are valid,” and much more. Herein, we’ll all soon to awaken, to the related collateral events (locally, regionally and globally), that are clearly beyond this writing, yet their composite meaning(s) can be summarized as follows:

(The reason the evangelical proselytes use every name but Jesus the Christ the King, for they are Judaised to this Yeshu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, etc……they wait with open arms this Moshiach Ben David….RP)

On the ‘psycholinguistic’ level(s)… these world events, mean the ‘localized’ and eventual particular individual COLLAPSE of man’s Klippa of exile, that was his personal local reality; in what was exile’s old ‘central organizing principle’ was, that COLLAPSED as was “giving, to receive,” this was his old model of mind behavior and FALSE identity, of exile, that is gone, finished; since it is now COLLAPSED. And this was/is first recognized in Yisrael, and subsequently by all mankind, without exception. And, this is the essential meaning of “ground zero” which confirms the COLLAPSE of the “local reality,” is what happened global.

(All done by plan of Lucifer and his minions and their proselytes….RP)

On the ‘cognitive’ level(s)… this COLLAPSE means, the (implosion, and subsequent transformation) of the two major religions, derivative of Judaism; namely, the Islam and Christian; as both, only after deconstruction on the psychosocial level, NOW move from the behavioral (Jihad of the sword) to the cognitive (Jihad of the spiritual); as it was largely the Christian Europe of EXILE, that fostered and tolerated, and promoted its old “giving, to receive,” while the COLLAPSE of Western civilization, really was its rupture; that was the Holocaust in general, and the Shoah in particular that is ONLY NOW being transformed, by ‘9-11,’ on the Humanomics(sm) axis, on all of its four primary levels, of man and mankind’s self transformation (as herein articulated).

On the ‘behavioral’ level(s)… it means the COLLAPSE (implosion) of the two leading economies, in the world, the US and Japan, as both are built on the ethic and principles, of this very same materialist bankrupt system(s) of man’s exile. As both are rooted in the old “giving, to receive,” as is now collapsed psychologically (and this will eventually be so, actually for many others) and this is the primary message to the new US Congress and other world governments.

On the ‘psychosocial’ level(s)… it means the COLLAPSE (implosion) of the two primary existing methods of social economic organization, that have and continue to dominate the world; namely, democracy’s capitalism and communism’s socialism, as are NOW to be replaced in the years, and decades ahead, by Humanomics(sm) NEW East West Convergence Model, as DERIVES from its two primary NEW paradigms and they are:

The first is “Receiving, to give,” which is Humanomics(sm) new ‘central organizing principle,’ that DELIVERS authentic particular human identity and the second is the NEW economic paradigm the “Integration of Labor-sm” that DELIVERS and ensures authentic domestic and global justice, as a system of participation, for all mankind, in respect of all macro economic activity.

(All Goyim Cattle to serve their masters the jews of satan’s Matrix….RP)

Libbre David 37; A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our … Noah 63b; When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

And so most humbly, as we NOW approach, embrace and work to INHABIT Humanomics(sm) as the NEW ‘central organizing principle’ of the global village, in general and of Israel, in particular, this is NOW by definition the ‘FIFTH GLOBAL COMMONWEALTH’ that is herein suggested, we all fear the God of Israel, who is as well Allah and the Christian God; WHO is the God of Creation, who is as well the God of the Cosmos, while we PREPARE, for this massive macro global transformation of man..

Blessings, His Servant, Yehoshua Ya’acov

That in Humanomics(sm), only after the ‘localized’ deconstruction, of the COLLAPSED “local reality,” in what was “giving, to receive” that was Israel’s Zionism, will the nation, and our people rise in redemption to enjoy, the often promised new birth of redemptive habitation, in receiving a government of the people, by the people, for the people; to NOW be inhabited in all our people and this is the Humanomics(sm) of Torah, of His authentic human identity, with which our Blessed nation shall NOT perish, from the earth. Amen & Amen. yy

Watch this Viper False Christ closely:


(Of course it is all Satan’s Sorcery and deceptions, for he is DEFEATED Sealed at Calvary. Laughable to the Saints Of Jesus the Christ…but…..

Beware, Another false Christ of Talmudic Judaism and sorcery of Kabalah, beware all, where jew or greek, you will make your choice of who you will worship  by free choice, and by that choice you will seal your eternal souls. Stand Fast in the Testimony of Jesus who is the Only Messiah the Lord God Almighty or Worship the Beast imposter Neo Moshiach and perish into everlasting Damnation in outer Darkness where there will be a gnashing and Gnawing of Teeth forever….RP)


17 thoughts on “Synopsis of Satan’s jewish Matrix World Order of Babylon

  1. Thanks Dr. Lisa Marie. Of course I do not know who this false Christ, “Moshiach” will be, but I surely know what to watch for as told by the Lord Jesus the Christ the King. We should also be alert by the two Witnesses of GOD (Christ the Redeemer) who will stand before the g-d of this world and Testify against him and his Sanhedrin who crucified Jesus. Watch and Pray, for these times are rapidly approaching, pray that we are not deceived. We are given free will and this imposter cannot be forced upon us against our will. Shoots down the forced micr-chips, etc. The world whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life, slain from the foundation of the world, will willingly and gladly accept his Mark, his image, and the Number of his name (Mark Magen David, Remphan and Chiune, the star they made with their hands)


  2. I think for those of us who are real Christians NOT evangelicals wont be fooled. ANYONE who claims to be Messiah and does any miracles is NOT. Thats easy enough. NO man will get me on my knees for worship. Is it true Cain was product of sex with Eve and Lucifer? I know gnostics and Cainites honor Eve and Judas Escariot so seems true. So that means Synogog of Satan jooos have always been descendents of Lucifer’s seed and why they HATE REAL Christian Church not CIA false churches in US. Maravingian 13th satanic bloodline claim they will be line to bring antichrist. So if joooz dont have sould from God and exsisted before earth in heaven, how are they bodies with no soul?


  3. I do not go for the Talmudic kabalah story line of Eve (Lilith) having sex with the serpent and producing Cain who slew righteous Abel. I believe the jews have souls, but as according to Jesus their house is left desolate until they say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” and bow to Jesus who is the Only Everlasting Covenant for all mankind. I believe even they have until the Last Trump to repent in Jesus the Christ the Creator.


  4. Yes, thats what my mother says. But, from their works they DO have their Father’s desires. Raping, murdering, drinking blood, cannibalism, sodomy of children, babies, the list goes on and on. I never understood the reason why “abomination” used so much in bible until I learnerd what joooos have been doing since they walked on this earth.


  5. I bring you all, in the world, to understanding, that Jesus is Christ the Lord God and there is NO other Name in which to enter the Kingdom of GOD. I stand Fast in this Testimony.


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