Noahide Trump -V- Communist Clinton

(Italics Mine)

Dear friends,

Donald Trump is backed by the Hasidic Talmudic Orthodox Chabad Lubavitch and their two fold children of Hell Proselytes, the Scofield-ite indoctrinated Evangelicals who are fallen away from Truth, Namely, Freemasons and Noahides, not to mention obedient Noachite Ishmael.

Please apply yourselves in these last days, it is very important to the health of your very souls. 

The leaven of these Pharisees have worked the molded infected, anti-Christ yeast, into their infected, satanically purchased, rotten bread, the oral traditions which make the WORD of God of none effect. These newly acquired evangelical proselytes are rushing headlong to acccept the jews god, who has no Only Begotten SON, and yet they will accept the Dragon of Judaism and his son of perdition. It will be these deceived, who will think to do their god a favor, when they deliver you up to be afflicted and slain for Jesus name sake. These will say, “but Lord, Lord, didn’t we cast out demons in your name”? The Lord will say, “Get ye away from me you workers of iniquity, I know ye not”.


Chabad Lubavitch, so called “rabbi”, Dov Levanoni,  established the Revived Sanhedrin October 13, 2004. These Chabad Hasidim boast that they are the Gibborim or mighty men of renown, direct descendants of the Pharisees,  the “Illuminated Masters”,  who demanded the crucifixion of Christ Jesus the Lord God Almighty, for their False accusation against him for Blasphemy, accusing him of making himself equal with God. These are of the camp of Dan, Samaria of the North, Aholah, one of the two whore sisters of Ezekiel 23, whose mother is the Harlot Mother of the Earth, Mystery Babylon of the Babylonian Tamudic false god’s of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John on the Isle of Patmos, which they have worshipped. These Chabad Lubavitch have; by the authority of the Dragon whom they serve introduced the Babylonian Noahide Laws, which are anti-Christ Laws, made Law in the USA Via, HJR 104, PL 102-14, and which will eventually cause as many as who stand fast and Testify of Jesus who is Christ, to be put to death for Blasphemy against their flesh god Lucifer and his son of perdition, they hope to anoint and “Reveal” as per 2 Thes.  Try as I might, it seems it is almost impossible to convince the brainwashed Scholarly Theologian’s about what is currently occurring. Ah, but from the mouths of babes they are confused.

Widespread support for Trump among US Hasidim. Experts say most of the community supports Donald Trump but that may not mean it will vote for him, or anyone.

Donald Trump enjoys widespread support within the Hasidic community in the US, according to experts interviewed by VICE news.

Jacob Kornbluh, a New York-based reporter for Jewish Insider, told the news outlet that there is “no question support for Trump is widespread” among Hasidim, and that the majority of Hasidic voters he’s spoken to have said they plan on supporting Trump.

Unlike the majority of US Jews, who are exceedingly liberal, nearly two-thirds of haredi Jews say they are politically conservative, while 57 percent of Orthodox US Jews identify with or lean towards the Republican party, according to a Pew survey of Jewish Americans.

There have not been any polls of Hasidic voters ahead of the primary election, reported VICE, but the fact that Trump has done well thus far among evangelical Christians in the primary states is a fairly good indicator of how Hasidim will vote. Since 2000, haredim in New York have voted in national elections in extremely similar patterns to how evangelical Christians voted, Sam Abrams, a political scientist at Stanford University who studies the politics of American Jewish voters, told the news site.

“Among my circle of friends, at least 90 percent [support] Trump,” it quoted Yanky Lichtman, who lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, as saying. “I like the way how he says it. He tells you straight what he thinks and that’s a big plus.”

Lichtman added that he and many of his friends, who are also supporting Trump, are “fed up with the establishment on both sides. [We] gave them a chance and nothing worked.”

David Gross, of Brooklyn, said “when Trump decided to run I got excited.”

“He is honest, an everyday person,” Gross said. “A lot of people I know agree with him, but they just don’t want to say it.”

Like Brooklyn’s Gross, Lichtman says that if Trump is not the nominee he probably won’t vote in the general election at all.

Yossi Gestetner, a Hasidic political consultant and commentator, pointed out that “Trump has a long history of being friendly to people in the Jewish community.” He also has a personal connection to the Jewish community through daughter Ivanka, who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 and is married to a high-profile Orthodox real estate businessman, Jared Kushner.

And yet, many Hasidim and those who closely track the community noted that the support for Trump may not actually translate into votes. Gestetner agreed there is genuine interest in Trump but he was skeptical whether Hasidim will actually vote for Trump in the New York primary, on April 19.

The Question, America, which one of these Vipers will be best for the jews?

Or more specifically, which is best for your desires? Your motivation or your flesh aspirations.

 It has nothing to do with the Masses of Non Jews, or to to their own non jewish,  Christian posterity,  you see America has become a jewrisdiction of the jews and their religion unto Satan that Old Dragon. The show must go on, but the plot is changed into their beckoning and their Talmudic Hegelian Dialectic script.

Put this in front of the masters, the PhD. experts , them who can tell you all that which is occurring, the Alex Jones, the David Icke’s, Rense and 100% Rense “commentators,, Drudge, Makow, Hoffman, Andersdon, Havens, The Ugly truthers (Mark Glen and his minions) , Makow, Bro Nathaniel, etc.,  the TBN Tellytubbies, etc., and see if they have discernment. Chances are, they will flee like mad dogs with fleas. I assure you, they will censor you immediately. Even though they “say” they are anti-censorship. 

(Added 7-8-2016, The only Rense exception, Texe Marrs, who has clear understanding)

Hilary is of the secular, Marxist Commune-ist atheist camp of the jews, Aholibah, Ezekiel 23. King of the south, Aholibah is of that whore, and bloody city of zion, Spiritual Sodom and Egypt where the Lord was crucified, jerusalem.

These two whore’s represented by either the Democrats, Marxist or the Orthodox Re-“Publicans” of Sanhedrin, battle for the ultimate prize, bloody Jerusalem, and vie to control Washington D.C, where their filthy anti-Christ- Jesus, ideologies are to be the scheme of Lucifer in either party to enslave all of non jew mankind.

It does not matter who you vote for, either way by using Hegelian Dialectics, they have you totally enslaved.


( the jews who worship Satan have set the polarization in their favor no matter the winner. And either way, America you are enslaved to their god of this world which they have chosen, That old Dragon the Robber.

Jewish PAC endorses Hillary Clinton for presidentCiting Democratic frontrunner’s pro-Israel and pro-choice stances, JACPAC vows to ‘get the vote out’ for her BY JTA March 29, 2016, 6:14 am

Hillary Clinton addressing the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, DC, March 21, 2016. Hillary Clinton addressing the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, DC, March 21, 2016.

WASHINGTON — A Jewish political action committee endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and pledged to help get out the vote for her.


JACPAC cited Clinton’s work as secretary of state in trying to bring about Israeli-Arab peace and her embrace of pro-Israel positions, as well as her commitment to maintaining abortion rights.

“A Hillary Clinton presidency will be an important step to safeguarding JAC’s issues; the women’s vote will be critical to Hillary’s success and JAC will be working hard to get the vote out,” the group said in a statement.

JACPAC focuses on Israel, abortion rights, gun control and church-state separation. It has endorsed Democrats and moderate Republicans in congressional races.

Polling has suggested that Clinton does not engender the same enthusiasm among the Democratic base as does her rival for the party’s nod, Bernie Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont.

JACPAC’s endorsement at this stage also reflects the Clinton campaign’s bid to garner Jewish institutional support for the candidate in the face of a stronger than expected challenge by Sanders, the first Jewish presidential candidate to win major party nominating contests. Clinton leads Sanders in the delegate count.


As for me and my house, we Choose Jesus who is Christ the King the Lord God Almighty, the LIFE GIVER. We choose Sion, God’s Holy Mountain in Heaven. We chose the Lord’s Kingdom and we refuse to serve that Old Devil and Satan, the serpent Dragon of the jews and their proselytes. Continue on people as per your flesh desire, but for us we Serve the KING of KINGS, which you have rejected.

Who is your Choice? Who do you think will “Save” Maraka?



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