Texe Marrs Podcast on, “Holy Serpent of the Jews”, Free!

  1. Holy Serpent of the Jews

    Texe does Have the Bible home church where these subjects are preached freely, as well as his weekly audio. I personally have learned from these audio’s over the last 17 years, it was given freely.

    Do you muzzle and ox while it is plowing? Is a workman worthy of his hire?

    Where will our internet works go when all is finally censored?

    Books are invaluable for future posterity of them who yearn for Truth.

    These books took hours, days, weeks and months to write and compile documented evidence, not to mention publishing cost. Texe is not “selling” the gospel.

    I purchased the book, and very glad that I did.


    From: Texe Marrs

    Thank you so much for the outstanding review of my book, Holy Serpent of the Jews. Brother Pickle is correct. My ministry loses money and we stay open only because of the love gifts from Christian friends who care. Exposing the Jews religion and hatred of Jesus brings a person great criticism. Bookstores refuse my books, though I once had #1 bestsellers. But Jesus comforts me and at 72 yrs of age, I realize I only have so much time to labor for Him. I write only the books God lays on my heart.


    Friends, there you have it. We forgot to invite Mr. Marrs into our little debate. In his defense, there is the Truth of that matter. There is no greater Love, than a man lay down his life for a friend. Mr. Marrs has proven to be as bold as a roaring lion in TRUTH Telling.

    The true haters of the jews are they who say that the jews have “another covenant” and do not Need Christ Jesus the Savior. Not only do they shut the gate to the kingdom of heaven unto others, they themselves will not enter into the Kingdom of God. Stand Fast, the spirit of Prophecy is the Testimony of JESUS who is Christ the Lord.



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