Election 2016 Maraka, Rejoice for the Trumpity Bluebird and the most Hilarious Red Bird.

You wanted it Maraka, and now you have it….and it ain’t Toyota…….(only older marakans can catch the pun intended)

I couldn’t help it Maraka, here is what your limp 2016 erection boils down to. Yipeeeeeee!

But Hey, take a blue pill and have….. An Israeli Jewish Noahide Blue Bird erection Day…..

Have a Zippity Doo Dah Day,….Maraka! All the while you are fooled and fleeced and slain, …er, gawd willing and in ah ha name of Jaysoose, so hep me gawd and amen.

Either way, goodbye Obama. Dumpity Trump is on the way to continue the Old New World Babylonian Odour…..Blue bird on Obama’s shoulder……………hahahhahaa.


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