The Great Hegelian Noahide Savior of Maraka an Advocate of Purim Persia

Go figure…………Dumpity Trump does not bow in obeisance…right? Is this the “Ugly Truth”? Just in time for……Perpetual Purim March 23-24.

And all the Beanie babies …rise……..

Esther 8:17 And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

And just in time for Armageddon…………


22 thoughts on “The Great Hegelian Noahide Savior of Maraka an Advocate of Purim Persia

  1. Hey notice that Mr trump is a “blonde/red head” ? Who else is like that ? Mr man king prince william and prince harry over there in the UK ?

    Notice how it was the jews in the UK and USA for so called israel ?
    that man monarchy in the UK won’t go away .

    mr trump a freemason , prince phillip is the HEAD of freemasonry .

    i don’t trust any of them .

    the antichrist and a cup of tea


    • take all works of men with a grain of salt i say , i am a skeptic of cohen’s work aswell
      i am a skeptic of all those who are a military man .

      he Antichrist and a Cup of Tea
      Called by God in 1987 to be “him who has understanding” (Rev 13:18) — while a United States Air Force Academy cadet — Timothy Cohen is today an internationally recognized Christian author, speaker, and teacher. He has researched and written what many are now coming to view as Christendom’s foremost prophetic and theological works (Rev 19:10), to include The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea as well as the Messiah, History, and the Tribulation Period multi-volume series.’


  2. WOW, I am excited to hear that, I am also a Blonde and my cousin is a red head…damn, we got troubles Bro…..Damn, I also is a freeman……………………….ooooooooh crap, POGO says I could be bogey bear.


  3. Speculation of and anti-Christ does not matter, see who Sanhedrin anoints bro,………………………….forget what you think you know but do not know……save yourself self importance….


  4. All “Cohen’s” are boasted by Talmud to be priestly class of Talmudic Hasidic jews.Nowhere in scripture is the number of the beast 666. Scripture is clear six hundred, three score and six or 600606. see

    There have been “anti-Christ” in the world since Christ was crucified. The one to be revealed will not be anti, but will come as the jews Moshiach, shewing that he is God


  5. What this Cohen a Talmudic priest is doing is the same old TBN false profit prophet routine of absolute misdirection from Sanhedrin and their false Christ, Moshiach ben David, and also notice that this Cohen lumped the Judeo Churchians in with the jews.

    Sanhedrin arose from the seas of the masses who are in absolute confusion, Oct. 13, 2004. Arose from the Beast of Daniel who came up altogether and were diverse from one another, capitalism, communism and socialism, in which the fourth Beast of Babylon will merger.

    While mankind is looking for mis-directions succh as these, the beast is growing in strength and seeks to devour man.

    Also look at his brother Cahn’s (Cohen) blood moon garbage, these guys are setting up the masses for the “See we told you so” when Sanhedrin anoints their little man king wannabe.

    Anyway, I got nauseated listening to the guy, Timothy Cohen and his garbled garbage.


  6. yes i don’t waste time on speculation bro .

    People have to watch , the JWO has not let that monarchy alive for no reason . One of the oldest monarchies on planet earth

    They are posing themselves as “saviors” of the white race and “jews”

    i believe the prince james bible points us to a leader in the UK to be the antichrist of antichrists .

    Notice how must “fundamentalists ” worship King James more than King Jesus Christ ?

    Be extremely cautious . James is another form of Jacob in english .

    Why did sir francis bacon (probable mason) have the prince james bible all to himself for ONE year ?
    Why is the original prince james bible have masonic handshakes in the artwork ?
    Zionism AND FREEMASONry run out of the UK . The supreme court building of jerusalem is masonic

    The Foundation of the Faith is Jesus Christ , not some book .

    If you have a prince james bible with the italicized words that MAN added you would see dear brother . If you read the words in which the translators wrote in the beginning of the bible , you would see the BLATANT man worship of them the translators
    Many christians used the geneva bible before the prince james bible , because of the blatant worship of man kings over there .

    The foundation of the FAITH is not a book written by man’s hand but the DIVINE LOGOS Jesus Christ manifested in the flesh and His Spirit of truth .

    A temple of God defined in the New covenant is a human body , and there is a quite possibly clones walking among us now . Nothing in the bible tells us that Jesus Christ will prevent blood He poured out NOT to be cloned . What bigger of an ABOMINATION can man do other than this . Man clones the flesh of Jesus Christ and then claim look see here is your “savior” that is no saviour .

    it is said Diana was killed because she carried a half breed in her and she was going to spill the beans on cloned babies she carried before .

    Zionism is run by the rothschilds , rothschilds own the monarchy , the monarchy runs freemasonry . the monarchy claims “divine” right to be king still

    It is said in irish folklore that the prophet jeremiah came there before judah was taken to babylon with “royal” seed

    i don’t know about you robert , Jesus Christ is King of Kings , not james


  7. The “Protocols of the Forged People of Tzion” was certain their king would be delivered to them from Europe. I do not have a clue who this will be, but I do know that Sanhedrin will only anoint by oil a jew to be their false Messiah.

    Their Merovingian Dynasty is derived from apostate “Solomon” and has zero to do with King David and his Lord, Jesus the Christ.

    As for all of the implanted fables of Bacon, etc…King James Mason, it is a ruse to place doubt in the most exact WORD as it is written. By the KJV I came to understanding of the beast and warned the world the Sanhedrin would be revived, that was 2000 and lo and behold 2004, Sanhedrin was revived.

    If the faith was broken of the people, it would become very easy to supplant Scofield’s filth in the minds of them of little faith.

    I had read the writings of those freemason in the KJV, researched and found that King James was not part of their Freemason Jacobism.

    The bible is not holy, as I have stated hundreds of times, it is only pen and ink and testifies to the LIVING WORD the Christ, Jesus.

    All of the so-called OT was a lie, the only truth was the Prophets of God, that he woke and sent early unto them who served Satan, and them who served Satan, murdered the Prophets of God and all who were sent unto them from Righteous Able unto the Last SAINT of Christ the KING.


  8. Yeah, the Lord rounded them up from the foundation of the world, and the Lord sealed their demise at Calvary…..can’t say they all did not have fair warning………guess who will throw the match to kindle their dis-belief?


  9. “I have stated hundreds of times, it is only pen and ink and testifies to the LIVING WORD the Christ, Jesus. ”

    Thank you is is the testimonies that are TRUE and faithful . Jesus Christ the Divine logos made flesh is PERFECT .

    i don’t doubt that james was most likely NOT a mason , just people around him whispering as the devil does .

    i stand upon the Solid rock Christ Jesus

    anyone that says flesh is chosen in this day is delusional .

    The flesh of judah was CHOSEN to bring Jesus Christ’s body into this world . That is that and as Jesus Christ said CLEARLY the flesh profits NOTHING in regards to salvation .

    There were saved “strangers” in the old covenant , and NOW ALL saved are ONE not TWO separate people

    To say there are two separate people as scofieldites say is to call Jesus Christ a liar because He was clearly testified by their man high priest .

    Joh 11:49 And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all,
    Joh 11:50 Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.
    Joh 11:51 And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation;
    Joh 11:52 And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.

    Notice how the Almighty used, probably an unbelieving Judahite or whomever he was to testify of the Eternal truth which is in Jesus Christ .

    After all the Almighty PROMISED to scatter the wisdom of the “wise”


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