18 Years of My Testimony to MEN

Dispute, if you feel that you can. The comments are open and un-censored. And yes my understanding evolved and I made many mistakes, but I am where I am. I AM. And I am now in severe jeopardy with threats from the Feds, once again. Not unusual however this time above normal. My safety and my families safety is in question.Though, Christ Jesus is in control. There are no “Prayer Cloths” or other self proclaimed miracles, I can offer to “bless” any here,……. or myself.

I put it before you for your understanding, the spirit of prophecy is testimony of Jesus Christ, Revelation. I put before you the Only Christ.

I have never once begged any man for money, for God is my sustenance. It is True. I have maintained these sites at my cost, my families cost each month since 1998. You decide.

Beginning 1998. to  2005 followed by noahidenews.com unto present 2016.


I have appealed to the TBN’rs, Moslim and Talmudic Jews  and all others, to no avail.

Let God be your Guide. Where are you today? Many were warned from the beginning when Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Noah, Moses and all the Prophets of God who were Christians in the Creator warned you all. But the “Replacement Theology” of the Pharisees took root in mans hearts, The leaven of these Talmudic Hasidic anti-Christ Pharisees, took hold upon mankind, unto their god who is no Savior, No Christ, No Creator.


4 thoughts on “18 Years of My Testimony to MEN

  1. Robert and family, called of God to open the eyes of men, by allowing the light of Truth to flow into darkness and reveal the workings of Satan, with revealing the false doctrines taught through the many apostate churches that ensnare men’s souls.

    We hold you up in our daily prayers for the Lord Jesus Christ to be your full covering and armour. That no weapons formed against you will prosper, but come to naught.

    That you continue to dwell in the secret place of the most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty, Him being your refuge and your fortress, (found only in Jesus Christ. God manifested in flesh)

    You have revealed devises to all of us who follow the Word, helping us to understand our spiritual enemy to a greater depth and the lengths gone to to destroy.

    We pray for the Lord to commission his army of angels to aid you, as the Lord will supply to this specific need and keep you as you remain stedfast to your calling, glorifying our Living God. His arm is not shortened by any means.

    As ‘they’ did in the past, doing ‘their’ all to stop that precious name of Jesus from being preached or taught, revealing those workers of iniquity giving witness against themselves.

    Rejoice for you are found in good company as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, your salt has been effectual in its application.

    Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, continue to acknowledge Him and He will direct your path in this situation. Jesus Christ will be your shield and buckler.

    Let God arise and his enemies be scattered! For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

    Warrior of Jesus, stand fast, stand strong, stand still, and know that He is God!
    He has overcome all things, including this.

    One soldier to another.
    Be blessed in Jesus Name!

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