Lord God

I am not one for feely feel good and dunno what the movie is about…but do know that this is clip is true faith. All who do not believe contact me robert@varidrill.com and I will share the Lord’s Gospel with you personally, no matter your creed, no matter your nationality, no matter your so called race..no matter your indoctrination of religion…Jesus is Christ the KING the promised Messiah.  

In Honor to the saint of Christ, Christine Mackenzie who forwarded it to me.


13 thoughts on “Lord God

  1. the point of this video is to encourage prayer.
    In the movie, it gives the viewer hope that prayer, effectual prayer, will bring change.

    The entire Word of God brings issues to our eyes that we can and should pray about concerning our personal lives, our Christian walks etc

    Within the Written Word, we will find every situation of life that we can relate to, there is not anything that has been missed. It also gives us the remedy to the problems we face.

    The Lord desires that none should perish, His arm is stretched out still.
    He desires for us to have life, and to have it more abundantly. He is the Key!

    I pray for those who have heard the knock on the door of their hearts, that they hear His voice calling them out by name, and that they are willing to leave where they are at, to follow His leading, as He shines in His precious light onto their paths, and step by step leads them out of the bondage of darkness. Out of the clutches of Satan’s ensnarements.

    Here is a simple explanation of Satan’s trickery of unknown bondage of the person’s soul:

    I pray that the individual will seek out His righteousness and His kingdom, seek out His truth in all things, to find that narrow path of truth and stay on until the very end.
    I pray that souls will learn how to pray effectually using the Word, so they do not pray amiss.

    In Jesus’ precious name.


  2. Did you notice at the 2:45 min mark ?

    Did NOT Jesus Christ COMAND us to be wise as serpents ?

    Did you notice that actor saying hello or goodbye to the SUN literally?

    SUN worship is probably the “cornerstone ” of Lucifer worship.

    This little man doesn’t know much , but guess what it would NOT surprise me if a freemason was involved with that film .

    FREEMASONRY is an ABOMINATION to Jesus Christ .

    Mat 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
    Mat 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

    Look there is a time for public prayer and a time FOR NOT public prayer .

    Who gets the glory in public prayer , does not man that is his flesh take a small part of Jesus Christ’s glory ? Did not Jesus Christ reprove the Pharisees who loved to pray openly in the streets?

    Guess what , when the enemy of Jesus Christ comes to seduce people , it will be through the gadgets like TV , “smart phone”, etc . Just as those at share international say .

    Jesus Christ NEEDS not a phone , needs NOT a TV , needs NOT anything made by MAN’s HAND

    PEOPLE that TRUST gadgets made by man are IN DANGER and claim it is of the Jesus Christ .

    What did David get for trusting in chariots ?

    LOOK here people , if you research that share international , Lucifer will come by the Tvs, and smart phones and the big screen . For he says he will . Share international is 100% of the enemy . It preaches the great deception of Tibet .

    These are all FALSE LIGHTS made by mens’ hands .

    Listen people your video screens may and can be used AGAINST you for they are of man’s hands .

    Jesus Christ grant you all His power to resist the temptation of Tibet and its false messiah .

    Sorry Jesus Christ the Creator manifested in the flesh does NOT dwell on earth in human form ANYMORE .

    When He comes it will be in FLAMING FIRE .


  3. the movie the ‘War Room’ was produced by the Kendrick Brothers…
    they are baptist ministers for whatever that is worth.

    Like ourselves, they are not perfect, but doing their part in how their steps are ordered by the Lord in reaching souls. To minister visually, to bring about positive change.

    They are taking advantage of a medium that people are accustomed to in order to reach souls. That is being wise as a serpent, yet their message is gentle as a dove, directing people to hope in our Lord n’ Saviour Jesus Christ, that the viewer can change issues in their lives through prayer…hitting their knees in repentance, in humility, in brokenness and crying out, in seeking God’s face for direction by implementing His ways from His written word into their lives for the better.

    In the video, it gives several examples of incorporating prayer into our busy lives…(because many have excuses as to why they can’t find the time to pray)

    Incorporating prayer:
    for waking up today…because you did not step into your eternity throughout the night and have another opportunity in seeking his truth in salvation for your own soul,
    from giving thanks for the meal on your plate…for many go hungry day in and day out!
    for the warmth of shelter…for many haven’t a roof over their heads.
    for employment, for education, for privileges we take for granted.
    for family members who are healthy, because many today will have lost a loved one to illness, or accident…
    for happy and faithful marriages and proper family order because many are broken and empty from the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes and from the arrogance of pride!
    praying for this next generation because they don’t even know there is a Saviour who loves them!

    We are to pray without ceasing for ourselves, for our families, for our neighbors, for our leaders, for saints of God and for strangers!

    We are to Love the Lord our God, with All of our hearts, our souls, our minds, our might, from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same! We are to give thanks in All things, we are to Praise His Name continually!
    We are to pray for each other as well, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves, we are to edify and lift up, to encourage, to speak life into the ears of the hearer!

    Stepping stones to the truth…hopefully the viewer will open up the bible and start reading it, and seeking the truth and seeking change for their eternal outcome.

    Individually we are to study the word of God, and to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

    There is ‘much’ that is correct with this film towards the urgency to pray…it is a starting point for many in just how to pray, and how to begin…

    Nothing is impossible with God…we need to believe and just start praying!

    In Jesus Name



  4. I cannot agree more. But I assure all, that the WORD is written the global correction is nigh at hand, whether the world accepts it or not. Every knee shall bow and every eye shall see the Lord Come with Great Glory, even unto them who pierced him. The we shall see them wailing for tammuz for certain.


  5. “Baptists” as a whole are INFESTED with freemasonry . . It is quite sad really .
    Most Baptists ALSO believe in the false scofield and darby . Scofield being funded by the “jews”
    Both the above men changed the bible to their needs .

    Can’t have revival from on High by Jesus Christ most likely UNTIL we purge out from amongst us freemasonry and vestages of romanism .

    The south is being UNDONE by the exact thing most say they DON’T support . Texas is a capital of the heresy of scofield .

    Fact is this country was most likely NAMED after the previous false god of this land , The land of the plumed serpants .

    All this little man is saying Do NOT TRUST any medium that uses the fake light coming from your screens etc ,
    The CONstitution is full of lies , the debt clause , article 1 section 8 clause 17 , the contract clause , and the VOLUNTARY SERVITUDED amendment

    Are we to be followers of john the Baptist or Jesus Christ .

    Jesus Christ bless and keep us and correct us all where we need to be corrected


  6. Now Charles “little man” I am really quite confused, though confusion does not come from the lord…….but you say….blah blah blah forgiveness, etc…etc…thou shalt love thy neighbor…forgiving the choose, etc…etc……….and here you are…making your accusations……do i smell a rat? I surely do………………..charles…..”little man” a foul stench it is………………go pick on Alex Jones or Perhaps Senator Paul…here we smell rats and duly note them…………go find another play ground…”little man”


  7. All of your assertions have been tried in 16 years of research and prayer,….yet here you are….an expert with no collateral backing, no substance…nothing, no documentational fact…just a ….”littleman” boasting great authority……”little man indeed. ! I stick by “Faith” in them who seek the shepherd Jesus the Christ.


  8. To soothe your lust…I bid you that them in Christ come from all nations and all religions..and at that day they will admit Jesus Christ the LORD by faith……………beware……….”little man”…. you have lost audience here.


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