Lucifer Plays Dueling Organ’s Down in Oregon, you Must become a Noahide !

And Yup Yup, you bunch of judaite chinese made US flag waving dime store couch potatoes…in ah ha name ah ha Jaysoose…Judeo-types, that say….YUM YUM….eat it all up as per Fox News……Keel em all in ah ha name of Jaysoose in da name democrazy……………..Aeean do ah heah aeean ameean brutha’s aeean sistuh’s………………………………….Keel em all fo da joose? what will you do now? You sold your soul. your what?

People this is an exception. I usually never support any secular cause. This cause is my passion for our country, our heritage, our Republic constitution and for the people of the earth who are being attacked by the  JWO.

You are filth the of the fables,  if you do not understand this Constitutional REPUBLIC.

And Brothers and sisters, gentile and Jew…Federale’s and state employee…..that is the Gospel. It is Showtime, I am afraid you who hated the Christ are just about to see the Generation of Noah. And so it is. Your only chance is to lay down your arms and surrender to GOD the Creator, the Christ. Your chance is offered you, before WE THE PEOPLE Declare Martial Law upon you. By the Power of the Gospel, we have the MIGHT of GOD in TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS and by His Vengeance upon your souls forever. You know who you are.

Please support the National Liberty Alliance. I support the USA Troops, when they Support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of America. I will Support the NRA when they Support the NLA. I will support AIPAC when they support America..I will support them all…all of their special interest lobbies……………………………when they all support the Republic Constitution, but until then they have declared war….and war it is. The shame upon you all, is the war was won at Calvary. May God have Mercy upon your souls. You were warned.


ADDED for the Apathetic Sofiet Brain Dead of Maraka 1-13-2016



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