To Norway, Beware of the Jewish Proselyte Noahides and Their Masters

Please Contact the Bodnariu Family and Have them go to youtube, Karl Lentz.

Karl helps families recover their “Property” through Common Law Court Of Record, and Immediate return of Stolen “Property”. Common Law Court of Record is available to them in Norway and is their Only Remedy. God created man in his own image, and in his image he created both man and woman (Genesis 1:26-27) Man has Inherent right Through the only sovereign God and Norway Constitution guarantees that right. The Children are Stolen Property of their Loins. Man is the creator of government, and man is creator of Norway Government which secures the right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, which is property exclusive to man. This is extremely essential they know that they are created in GODS image, and make claim in the Norwegian Court of Record, Common Law !

In Christ Jesus the Lord God Almighty,

Robert Pickle

Comentariul tău e în


Norway Constitution of 1814

§ 104  [No Forfeiture of Property]
Land and goods may in no case be made subject to forfeiture

Click to access domstolene-i-norge_eng_oppsl.pdf

Click to access domstolene-i-norge_eng_oppsl.pdf

Norway Begins Adoption Process for 5 Children Seized From Christian Parents

December 31, 2015|12:10 pm


The Bodnariu family


The Bodnariu family.

Norwegian child services have begun the adoption process for five children who were seized from a Romanian Pentecostal family in November after concerns were expressed about the parents’ Christian faith, the family says.

As previously reported by The Christian Post, the five children of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu were seized by the Barnevernet (Norway’s child services agency) on Nov. 16 after the principal of the middle school their two oldest daughters attend cited concerns about the children’s religious upbringing and how the parents were teaching their kids that God punishes sin.

Although the principal only asked the Barnevernet to offer the family counseling services and never requested that the children be removed from the home, the agency removed all five kids from their parents custody on the claim that the children were being physically abused.

The children, including a nursing infant son, have now been placed in three separate foster homes while their parents have been given extremely limited visitation rights. Although both parents can see their infant son twice a week, only Ruth can visit with her two oldest sons once per week while neither parent can visit their daughters.

Bodnariu explained that while the agency hasn’t found medical or physical evidence showing the children have been abused, the agency is relying on testimony from the children. And he questions whether Barnevernet has used unethical means to coax statements from the children.

“They said it was the belief of the parents, the Christian belief, and they said this creates a handicap in children because they are telling children that God punishes sin, and this is wrong in their point of view,” Bodnariu said. “In the [formal] accusations, they didn’t mention the religious aspect, only make the case on abuse, even though there is no evidence.”

Bodnariu added that the children were removed from their parents’ custody before the agency had performed background checks on the parents or interviewed neighbors and friends.

After the family’s appeal of the Barnevernet’s removal of their children was denied in late November, a Barnevernet representative told the family on Dec. 15 that the agency would like to evaluate Ruth and Marius to determine what kind of people they are.

Although the agency said the evaluation would not be conducted until February, the family was also informed that the Barnevernet has already begun the process to have their children adopted by other families.

“There are a lot of people who need to adopt kids in Norway,” Bodnariu said. “They don’t give birth to child and there are a lot of people in Norway who want to adopt.”

Bodnariu said that the family’s lawyer has advised them to take their case to a superior court.

Pastor Cristian Ionescu, who pastors the Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church in Chicago and is also the vice president of the Romanian Pentecostal Union in the United States and Canada, has organized a protest to be held on Jan. 8 at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Ionescu told CP on Wednesday that it is unlawful for the agency to begin adoption procedures without the case having been finalized by a court of law.

“It’s unclear and they use very vague language [about what beginning the adoption procedure means,] but it is absolutely incomprehensible to seek more information about the family and to assess them some more but in the meantime go ahead with the adoption process,” Ionescu argued. “They cannot, usually in the United States and in many countries, you can not start the process for adoption until the last decision of the judiciary, of the courts, has been made. They are going parallel with that.”

The Bodnarius are not alone in fighting the Barnevernet to get their children back. Ionescu stated that the Barnevernet has a history of abusing its power. Ionescu cited the Radulescu family, who beat the agency in a case before the Supreme Court of Norway two years ago. Although the family won the case, Barnevernet is still going to list their children for adoption.

“Barnevernet is going ahead with the process of adoption because they say that such a long time has passed and now it is going to be traumatic for the children to be returned to their parents,” Ionescu said.

As hundreds have already gathered for protests at Norwegian embassies in Romania and Spain, and protests are planned for January at embassies in London, Washington, Canada, Germany, India, Poland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, Ionescu stated that the Bodnariu case is the best opportunity yet to build international awareness about the Barnevernet’s abuse of power.

“The reason we have this response for the Bodnariu family is because they have a very big family in Romania and in the United States,” Ionescu said. “Secondly, we have a very, very strong and well-knit Romanian Pentecostal community here in the United States and throughout Europe.”

“This is an issue that is not going to die down for us,” Ionescu continued. “The community is very, very motivated and we are not going to stop and it is not going to end until we see those children released to their parents. We are prepared to go for the long run. If it takes years, then so be it — we are not going to stop.”



25 thoughts on “To Norway, Beware of the Jewish Proselyte Noahides and Their Masters

  1. Thanks, Rolltide. I did an article years ago on that subject of voodoo “pulsa denura” curse of sorcery after the working of satan……..

    How are you doing with Christi Ann?


  2. Also, I do not put much into Mark Glen, he has become a rabid rascist. In the past I explained that Sanhedrin agreed with Yaya harun (Adnan Ocktar) that Moshiach was same as Madhi and Muslim are all all obedient Noahides, and he Banned and censored me….I produced the facts, but as did Lisa Havens….Poof I was gone………….


  3. And also, however, since that time, one of his contributors “Sabba” has been mirroring my Noahide article links. They may be awakening, I pray this is the case for they can alert many.


  4. Haven’t been commenting much anywhere lately. Very busy with the “holydays” you know!! Maybe this week things will get “normal”?

    Kristi Ann will NOT even bother to check ANYTHING out. She’s stuck in that mindset, and has NO idea how blind she is. Just throwing pearls before swine.

    If I offended you, I do apologize. I know how frustrating it can be.

    When I have a little time to write, I want to ask you some questions. It concerns something that I feel the Lord revealed to me some time back, and I had never heard anyone ANYWHERE even say anything remotely resembling it so I’ve had it on the back-burner for about a year. But shortly after I came across your site, I about feel out when I read one of your posts. You seemed to be saying EXACTLY what I had felt.
    But let me get back with you on that for now.

    Well, I know it must tick you off the way this other writer did you, but maybe something good will come of it. Talk to you soon. Blessings


    • Thank you for that. Let me just say, maybe you can collect your info about it, but it has to do with a FAKE AC coming first before the false messiah, which he will defeat and most will see him as the REAL Jesus. I’m talking about xtians, when I say that. The ULTIMATE deception, also called “a lie” which will follow the “strong delusion” of 2Thes.2


  5. As for us in Christ Jesus we know the scripture is sure and correct, that Every Eye shall see him and every knee shall bow before him and he comes in the Clouds with great Glory……..Who cares what the jews fables say?


  6. We should both understand that even Christi Ann has until the last moment, as does all man kind to come to repentance in Christ Jesus. Sometimes we must be harsh, is dicsipline, hell fire and damnation, if they reject and they do, for they did not believe the Truth in Righteousness, we wipe the dust from our feet. As is same for poor Lisa Havens and her feeble prophecy attempts.


    • True that. Thank you for that link. Give me a few days to check it out, and I;ll be in touch.
      A few years ago, men like Joel Rosenburg, Walid Shoebat, etc… started talking about a NEW concept. That is the possibility that the AC could be the 12th Imam. I think this was the start of a set-up. Agree?


    • Yeah, I listened to this a couple of weeks back when you had it posted. The Islamic guy may really believe what he’s saying, but I think the snake is up to more than meets the eye, and he’s lying through his teeth. They would NEVER except an Islamic messiah.


  7. It is definitely a set up to bring in the New Jew World Odour, you have the Judaizers, Muslim, and Judeo Churchians all involved, all are Noahide Proselytes…See PNAC for a new Marakan Century………………..Iran is involved, Russia is involved…all the kings of the earth are in bed with the Harlot, that spiritual Sodom and Egypt…jerusalem…where our Lord was crucified


    • Sadly there will ONLY be a remnant.
      It’s really hard for the NORMAL human mind to understand the hatred they have.


  8. King David was clear and precise when he stated that he hated with a pure hatred them who Hate the LORD GOD…….Nope… lovey dovey agape feely feel good there……………….


    • True that. Don’t want to piss you off, all are different, but the way I look at it; I try to go by what Jesus said, more so than David.Sermon on the Mount.


  9. Hahahahhahahahhaaahahahhahhahahah bwah haw haw whooooooey…………………………there is absolutely nothing which can pith me off anymore…………………Jesus was David, before David and after David and is the Hose of David forever by faith.


    • Amen.
      Nice chatting with you. Gotta do some prep for the new week. Gonna be checking out your link, and I’ll get back with you. Thanks Robert. Have a great week


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