More Sorcery, Blasphemy And Black Magic, Secret Codes of the Talmudic god, YHWH

Not one for missing opportunities for telling the World…”See we told you so” the Talmudic sorcerers, ribeyes (Jesus said Call no man rabbi) have yet again fashioned a tragedy to meet their great con shem sham of shame over all non jews .

It would be hilariously laughable if it were not for the fact that billions of earth inhabitants are falling for the scheme on their way to outer darkness, where there will be gnashing and gnawing of teeth forever.

Once again the only tribe on earth who benefits are the jews religion unto Satan.

Paris Massacre at Hands of ISIS Revealed in Bible Codes

Less than 24 hours after the horrifying series of terrorist attacks in France, Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson, renowned Bible Codes expert, found a series of Bible Codes that correspond to the massacre in Paris. The video of his findings was published online Saturday night, after the conclusion of the Sabbath in Israel.

Multiple codes related to the brutal attacks are found in a single table, which comes from the Book of Genesis, chapters 37-41. Glazerson quotes his Bible Codes colleague, Dr. Yoav Rosenberg, who explained that when a series of related codes are clustered so closely together that they come from the same book of the Bible, as in this table, it’s particularly significant.

(Their g-d YHWH of Babylon must use secret codes for the rabbi’s, because their g-d is a g-d of gibberesh and confusion. RP)

The first thing Glazerson points out is the word Paris spelled in Hebrew letters, with the code for Islamic terror appearing as well. Nearby is the word Yishmaelim, which means Ishmaelites and refers to the descendants of Biblical Ishmael. Yishmaelim is a shorthand reference to Muslim Arabs.

(How neat and coincidental is that ? RP)

In a cluster of codes located near the center of the table are the Hebrew word for massacre and the word Daesh, an acronym standing for al-dowla al-islaamiyya fii-il-i’raaq wa-ash-shaam, meaning Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Hebrew and most Arab speakers refer to ISIS using the acronym Daesh. The word Daesh appears next to the verb for strike, forming the sentence “Daesh was striking.”

In another part of the table are the words b’eretz Tzarfat (in the land of France). In addition to codes that point out the event (massacre), the players (Daesh) and the location (Paris, France), Glazerson also found codes that indicate the date. There is a code made up of the Hebrew letters that refer to the current year in the Hebrew calendar. Also noteworthy is a code for Kislev, which is the current month in the Hebrew calendar.

How are Bible Codes, which reflect something that have already happened, meant to be understood? Speaking to Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Glazerson explained, “Looking into the future is not the purpose of the Torah (Bible) Code. The idea of Torah Code is that the Torah was the blueprint of creation, so that the codes show us what was potentially in the program of the world, which is the Torah.”

(But manipulated for benefit of these Hasidim and their Eretz Israel unto Lucifer. RP)

Bible Codes provide evidence that the Five Books of Moses are of Divine origin.The traditional Jewish belief is that God wrote the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy with His Divine wisdom. Thus, hidden within the letters of these books are codes that reflect significant events in history.

(Only by secret codes translated by the rabbi’s of the Sinai Gog of Satan, does their g-d have divinity…RP)

In a related teaching from this idea, the Rabbinic book Ethics of the Fathers explains, “Turn the Torah over and over, for everything is in it.”

(All a rabbi needs do is use their wretched imagination…RP)

(Have you had a rabbi created belly roll for today?…RP)


8 thoughts on “More Sorcery, Blasphemy And Black Magic, Secret Codes of the Talmudic god, YHWH

  1. Greetings. I noticed something in this post that jumped out at me. For the longest time, whenever I see, and read the name yahweh, I get a very sick feeling in my gut. I get the feeling that this isn’t the God of the Bible. Am I right? Can you gives links so I can check this out. I think Messianic Jews and those in the Hebrew Roots/sacred name/zio-Chrstians who use these Hebrew names are ACTUALLY calling on a different god. Can you address this? Thanks, Rolltide


    • Thank you. Now I see WHY I get that sick feeling! I have never used those names, somehow I’ve JUST KNOWN something was wrong about it, but when I read other so-called Christians that use it so frequently, it just seems to curdle my stomach.
      Where is the DISCERNMENT with those who call themselves HIS’?
      Glad I discovered your site. (From THAT OTHER site – L H N)
      Keep fighting the good fight.


  2. These are not Christ Jesus followers, or the living saints of God. But they did not believe the Truth in Righteousness, so that God sent them Strong Delusion and they believe the Lie. They are our own family members. They will think to do their god a service when they deliver you to be afflicted and slain. Behold My brothers and my sisters and my mother….who are them who follow Jesus the Name above every name, Christ the Lord God Almighty. I am working in Lisa, Hoping she can understand…Just one more Lord, is all I ask….just one more………………


    • Yes, I share your burden. I have been banned from so many blog sites, I’ve lost count. They all have called me antisemite, and hater, and nothing could be further from the truth.

      About two weeks ago, I awoke shortly past 2am, with a sentence running through my mind, and I was upside down in my bed. The sentence was so intensely in my mind, I immediately jumped up and started writing. This is exactly what I wrote:

      “I awoke with my head where my feet belong, and my feet where my head belongs”.

      and the sentence….

      “My people prefer a beautiful lie over the ugly truth”.

      I didn’t need to try and figure out what it meant; I KNEW!!


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