This So Called rabbi, Knows They Must Sacrifice Their Own Yet Again for their Fabled Olam Ha Ba with Moshiach

Mystical Rabbi Receives Frightening Prophetic Message About Jewish Blood Being Spilled in Israel
By Rivkah Lambert Adler October 12, 2015 , 1:30 pm

In another of a series of prophetic-like transmissions, the soul of Rabbi Amram Vaknin, a 76-year-old Israeli mystic, communicated with Heaven after the Jewish Sabbath ended on October 10. The divine message warned of worse things to come in Israel and against the Jewish nation.

Rabbi Amram Vaknin (Photo: Adam Alioa)

Speaking to Breaking Israel News, Gil Nachman, Vaknin’s English-speaking spokesman, reported that there will be an escalation in the attacks on Jews in Israel and that the attacks are going to start coming from groups of Muslims, not just single terrorists.

(Actors are in place. RP)

During the vision, Vaknin reported seeing Elijah the Prophet coming in and going out. According to Jewish tradition, Elijah will announce the Messiah’s arrival. He also saw holy rabbis from previous generations crying.

(Sorry ribeye, wrong place, wrong time, wrong herald and wrong Messiah. RP)

“The judgement has come. It’s here,” said Nachman.

“We’re in a very crazy situation and Hashem (God) is going to push us to the corner,” he continued. “The world is a filthy place. There are many inner, hidden sins of immorality. God is using the Muslims to wake the Jewish people up from their spiritual slumber.” Vaknin also warns the Jewish people exceedingly sternly against being overly prideful.

Nachman’s wife Miriam told Breaking Israel News that this past March, at a talk in honor of the anniversary of his father’s passing, Vaknin predicted that the time will come when people are going to be afraid to step outside, afraid to walk in the streets of Israel.

(Indeed. As Per Jesus the Christ the Lord God Almighty and his day of Wrath. RP)

Vaknin’s last message from late August of this year warned of imminent war coming to Israel. Three weeks later, Russia started deploying warplanes to Syria and has since built a coalition of countries – including Syria, Iran, Iraq and China – to fight ISIS that some believe is the beginning of the Final War of Gog and Magog.

In August, Vaknin also predicted that “there are going to be people dying in the streets, thousands of people all over Israel.” A few weeks later, Israel saw a sharp uptick in terror attacks across the country.

The most recent messages from Heaven are darker still.

According to Nachman, Vaknin asserts that the situation with Russia in Syria is the War of Gog and Magog. There is a whole different war going on inside Israel with the Muslims and that war is directed at the Jews.

“Whoever is working with a Muslim is in danger,” Nachman reported Vaknin saying.

Vaknin is praying to God to remove the decree from the Jewish people and he urges everyone to pray, to beg God to cancel out this decree or at least to lessen its harshness. He also urges Jews to use the tools of teshuva (repentance), tefillah (prayer) and tzedaka (acts of charity and kindness) to avert the decree. A public prayer service is being arranged in Israel’s port city of Ashdod.

(Well ribeye, Call them to Repent unto Jesus Christ, RP)

“In the end,” said Miriam Nachman, “Israel is going to be the safest place.”

(First they must have the plot, the bloodshed, Then Sanhedrin to anoint their mere man king of the jews, RP)

Speaking further, Nachman quoted Vaknin as saying, “There is nobody to trust and rely on, only Hashem (God).” Nachman concluded with these words from Vaknin, “The world is in a situation that it’s like a woman who is about to give birth and she’s in a lot of labor pains. That’s the situation.”


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