E Mail to Washington Post, New York Times, Sputnik Int’l and Russia Times 10-3-2015

To:executive-editor@nytimes.com’; ‘comments@washpost.com’; ‘producersgroup@rttv.ru’; ‘media@sputniknews.com’

I demand to know why there has been no release of any story, regarding Rabbi Yisrael Israel, who heads the Temple Mount Institute in Jerusalem, and who is also a prominent member of the Sanhedrin, Who recently Threatened President Obama and incites assassination as well as incites genocide on all non jews globally? I Demand to know why the US Secret Service is unaware. I can assure you that Mankind is waking to this global threat.


This email will be published 10-3-2015 and your response will be recorded.


Robert Pickle

Response From the Washington Post 10-3-2015:

Thank you for sending a letter to the editor. We review every letter we receive, and we value the views of all who send us comments. Because of the large volume of submissions, however, we do not respond to letters we do not plan to publish. If we are considering your letter for publication, we will contact you, probably by e-mail, in advance of publication.

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Here are some tips on how to increase the chances of having your letter published in The Post:

  1. Letters should be fewer than 200 words and exclusive to The Washington Post.
  2. The letter should not have been submitted to or previously published by any other media or Internet outlet, including online comments or feedback posted to Web sites. If you have posted similar comments to a Web site, your letter cannot be considered.
  3. The letter should include the writer’s full name, home address, e-mail address and home, business and cellphone numbers. Anonymous letters will not be considered. The Post does not publish letters under pseudonyms.
  4. Writers must disclose any present or past personal or professional involvement with the subject matter of their letters.
  5. All letters are subject to editing and abridgment.
  6. Do not send attachments; they will not be read.
  7. We prefer letters that cite an article or item that has appeared in the print edition of The Post within the past three weeks. We do not publish letters in response to articles or other items that appeared only on The Post’s Web site.
  8. To make your e-mailed letter as easy to read as possible, do not send any graphics or digital letterhead, put the text of your letter in the body of the e-mail andcite the article or item about which you are writing in the body or subject line.

Again, thank you for sending us a letter.


The Washington Post letters staff


One thought on “E Mail to Washington Post, New York Times, Sputnik Int’l and Russia Times 10-3-2015

  1. Wow! you could get published? but only if you include a sample of your poop for DNA testing and genealogy research and “ALL” personal info. and of course they’ll not publish this due to any bad press to the Self Chosenites. you’ll first have to go before the Sinheadrin to get permission to even submit this, and proclaim your allegiance to the Master=race and deny the True Master of All Mankind, Christ JESUS.


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