Satan and His Sinai-Gog Put The Plan right Before Your Eyes America, Yet you Sleep !

Analysis of Pet Goat II

Illuminated Edlers, Sanhedrin. This guy is focused on Obama and is very foolish, though makes good points in shembolism.

(You are being prepared. RP)

My own Observations

1.Heliophant = Abbadon in Hebrew, Appolluon …the Destroyer, Osiris RE Egyption, Horus, Lucifer son of the morning.

2. Murder spree drawn on goat house.

3. Note checker board black white flooring symbol of Free Masonry (USA Courts and the Bar Mitzvah) (Noahide Laws)

4. Note Map pins. New Orleans and Gulf Mexico BP Disaster.

5. Hanged Man. Second Frame, show just a head. Decapitations

6. Clock at Midnight

7. Shark attack spree globally, reported by US Media, Dagon Myth, Catholicos Fish Mitre.

8.Brain, Electromagnetic low frequency EMF, manipulation of consciousness.

9. Dragon….”Jade” Helm ?

10. Bush gives Satanic Hand Symbol, as he did on many occasion. Some Idiots said it represented Texas A & M football.

11. Note Exit Door

12. Note 70…….7 laws for 70 Nations

13. Scofield and the Lotus Club….”Secret Rapture Cult”

14. See Vishnu, New York tower 2015.

15. I disagree with Psalms 23 and Obama being possessed, for he himself is in a camp…he knows what Sanhedrin does. I do not defend Obama.

16. America is not Babylon, Itsreallyhell is. Though America is the Whores Proxy.

17. Note Independence Hall with WTC destruction…Constitution destroyed by HJR 104 PL, 102-14. 7 Noahide Laws.

18. see Samliquidation search Book of the Dead

19.see Samliquidation, Easter, Isis Semiramis, Astarte, Ishatar, Columbia, Easter, the Queen of Heaven

20. Though “anti-Christ” may make a peace treaty…This is not what Danile 9 KJV States, but they have changed from the Messiah and his everlasting Covenant, to this anointed one and a so called 7 year treaty (NIV)

21. Moshiach Ben David is born and is here ready to be “Revealed”

22. False Christ, head wound..resurrected after the working of Satan that old Dragon.

23. Upside Down Pyramid (FED) NSA all seeing EYE………..spying on all mankind.

24.Mindless Masses submit

25.Dome of the Rock Destroyed on Satan’s Temple Mount

26. They shall say PEACE, Peace, but there is no peace, and when they shall say peace, sudden destruction shall befall them.

27. Nuclear War upon Muslim Nations Or Palestinians. Note Mecca Black rock.

28. Total destruction of Communism.

29. Moshiach comes from the Dead and it Perdition.

30. Cern Collider opens port-way for the demons ? Cosmic christ.

31. Vishnu, see New York

32. Destruction of that Old Whore Catholicos….Pope Francis Submits to Sanhedrin.

33. The Jews Call Christianity Niddah….a bloodly mensturating whore.

34. See Cern Dance…..Google.

35. Beast rising from the seas, Revelation of Jesus chapter 13…Sanhedrin anoints their Moshaich ben David.

36. Mindless man obedient to the beast

37. Only Jesus Has the Keys to Death and Hell.

38. Jesus Christ prepares.

39. Sanhedrin anoints their Moshiach after the working of the Dragon, Satan

40. Lotus, Scofiied Dispensationlist evangelicals, Herald in Moshiach, False Christ.

41. Who was and is not , but yet is……False Christ

42. Sanhedrin Tries Pope, destroys Catholicos

43. Their Yaweh is a fable…Jesus is the Name above Every Name.

Prepare, Saints of the Living God, Stand Fast in the Name….JESUS, for these Vipers are Defeated from the foundation of the world, sealed at Calvary.

For All you who are going to be  Secretly Raptured. Please send Donations. Gold, Silver, Deeds, Money, etc. I will need to preach Gospel to the Left Behind. You do Not need it, please send now………..severe pun intended…RP


6 thoughts on “Satan and His Sinai-Gog Put The Plan right Before Your Eyes America, Yet you Sleep !

  1. The ETERNAL FATHER promised EVERYTHING to Jesus Christ , so these clowns will be put down . Eventually maybe after so long in the fire they may realize their dilemma ?
    Col_1:20 And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile ALL things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

    In the end Jesus Christ will have His way .
    What is everlasting mercy is it NOT obliterated forever ?
    How is eternal torment mercy ?


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