The Forged People explained exactly what their Global plan was

compiled 2002

Yes that is right. The Protocols of Tzion fully explained what they had planned, those of the sinai-GOG of satan, but by the fear of the jews these text were nay-sayed away from the sleeping apostate complacent masses. Led to the slaughter all the day long.

Keep in mind that the Sanhedrin was revived at Tiberias Israel Oct 13, 2004 and now boast it sits at Mount zion.

And now jews openly boast.If you have fear of the jews, are become Judaized, going to get “Secretly Raptured away, or Call Jesus the Judaized names like Yeshua and all other yiddishe hogwash names, this is certainly  not for you. Stick with John Hagee and the blood moons and Cahn (Con’s) Shemitah heresays.Both lead you right to their “King” of the earth, False Christ, Moshiach’s waiting benevolent arms.

If you are a proselyte of the jews, move along.



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