Revelation of Christ Jesus, God Almighty

For those of you who hate the jews, this is a must reading. Yes you Haters, who say the Jews need no Jesus Christ and say they have another Covenant.

You say LORD, LORD with your mouths but your hearts are very far from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY who is from the Beginning and is until the Ending. You are liars, and you say that you are of Christ, but are not, and are of the Sinai-Gog of Satan.

Because you believed not the TRUTH in Righteousness, The Lord God has sent you a strong delusion, so you believe the Lie, and are fallen for the Fables of the Jews.

We who are of Christ Jesus, his “Living saints” stand firm in the Testimony of Christ Jesus and the Commandments of God, and we plead with the jews and we plead with you, REPENT in the Name above every name, and drink of the WATER of LIFE Freely.


Note: I added parenthesis in bold

Judaizer/Zionist Teachings What the Bible Says
Israel is focus (Flesh) Jesus is focus (Spirit)
Jewish Messiah (Moshiach ben David) Jesus Messiah (Saviour, Christ, IAM, Almighty God)
Old Covenant (Talmud Bavli, No Covenant) New Covenant (Everlasting Covenant from Abraham)
Jewish-led Kingdom (Flesh jerusalem) Jesus-led Kingdom (New Jerusalem)
Jews are Abraham’s seed (Flesh) Jesus’ saints are Abraham’s seed (By Faith, spirit)
Jews are God’s Chosen People (Broken Covenant) Jesus’ saints are God’s Chosen People (Everlasting Covenant)
Jewish racial and spiritual superiority (Flesh) God no respecter of persons (Spirit)
Jews to judge the nations (anti-Christ Noahide Laws, from flesh zion) Jesus to judge the nations (From Sion in Heaven)
Kingdom of God physical (Earth to be destroyed) Kingdom of God spiritual (New heaven and earth, New Jerusalem)
Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (Ezekiel 8, see the Abominations they do) God’s Temple in Heaven (Jesus the Temple Therein)
Earthly Jerusalem is God’s Holy City (Spiritual Sodom and Egypt, Harlot of the earth) Earthly Jerusalem is “Sodom and Egypt” (New Jerusalem, clean, Pure, white, unblemished)
Animals sacrificed and blood shed (Abomination) Jesus the one and only sacrifice (The ONLY Lamb needed for atonement)
Jews to possess the land and set up physical kingdom on earth (set by deception, Murder, Sorcery, Blashemy, thefts and Lies) Jesus kingdom not of this world
Jewish feasts, holy days, new moons (Flesh) Jesus worshipped in spirit and in truth
Laws written by rabbis in the Talmud (Flesh) Laws written by God in heart of believer (Spirit)
Redemption by obeying the law (Flesh) Redemption through faith in Jesus (Spirit)
Restore planet earth (Flesh) New heavens and new earth (Spirit)
Physical circumcision (Flesh) Spiritual circumcision
Central Mission: Bless and support Israel and Jews Central Mission: Preach Gospel of Jesus Christ

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