Darby-Scofield Rapture

Here will be the subject on how the fables of the jews led unbelieving ex-Christians into the waiting arms of the Dragon and his false Christ, Moshiach been David, that son of Perdition, to be “Revealed”

Yep, alot of the folks Who I know were gonna get “raptured” out in the last twenty years, are DEAD DEAD DEAD.

Better check scripture, before you wake in a very warm place….dead dead dead and out of Christ Jesus, faith.

If you have a KJV Bible, better start reading and praying. Before you are dead dead dead…..

None of you are Christian, and have already bowed your knees to that Son of Perdition Revealed, Moshiach Ben David, for your masters are jews and their fables. The Chosen, Chosen by the Robber they CHOSE.

…this is all I need to say.

As for the True Christians, beware of  the Proselytes of Hell TWO FOLD, for it is these who will have you delivered up and afflicted. For by the teachings of Darby, and C.I Scofield they are totally apathetic and Complacent, under total submission to that old devil, never understanding that the Great Tribulation is reserved for those who refused to Stand Fast in the witness of Jesus and the Commandments of God. Heaven is reserved for them who stood fast and did not waiver and held up that ONLY Name in which to enter into the Kingdom of God, JESUS. The hour of temptation is coming only for the true saints in Christ, to try them and make them clean through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beam them up Scotty…Not so, not until the seventh Trump.


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